Snore White and the Huntsman

This is a film convinced it’s as epic as Lord of the Rings with Brother’s Grimm (movie) flair. Movies, as in fairy tales, are about the journey, not the destination. The journey in Snow White is so mind-bogglingly boring that by the time you get to the end-game you just want to go home. This … Continue reading

My Free Comics Day Experience

First off, I want to say that I grew up with comics but, within the last decade or so, we have gone our separate ways. Not that they had nothing to offer me, but sometimes you just venture off through other corridors of life and they may not include your first loves. With that being … Continue reading


In an interesting move, Microsoft is reportedly set to unleash a subsidized Xbox 360 bundle that will gladly part with retail shelves at $99. The bundle, as reported by, will include a 4GB Xbox 360, Kinect, and a mandatory 2 year contract not unlike that snazzy computer-in-your-pocket referred to as a phone. The idea … Continue reading

The Cabin in the Woods

Finally got the chance to see The Cabin in the Woods last night after hearing many good things, and it’s pleasant to say it didn’t disappoint. For those of you who haven’t seen the trailer and don’t want to know anything other than it’s a cabin in the woods and some college kids head out … Continue reading

The Best ME3 Therapy You’ll See ’til the DLC

I think it’s time. I think it’s time I leave my Mass Effect 3 ending induced stupor and got back to my life and/or other videogames – but it was a difficult journey to get here. I slept all day. I gained five pounds in break-up-like ice cream binges filled with tears for the concluded … Continue reading

Manga on the Brain

Though previously content to satiate my manga habit with only Bleach or Naruto, I’ve grown to  see that the wonderful world of manga has much more out there to enjoy in the way of action-themed books. So without further hesitation, I’ve decided to include a couple of finds that can possibly help you start off … Continue reading

Tekken Blood Vengeance

  I know I am late to the Tekken Party with this one, but I stumbled across this movie just the other day and decided to give it a go. I did not have the “pleasure” of watching the Tekken Live Action movie, but I have always been a fan of all things Tekken. It … Continue reading

The Great Conjunction

  The web has been aflutter with talk about next-gen consoles and what exactly their presence will afford us. A large portion of the gossip pie is focused on the idea that both heavy hitters, Sony and Microsoft, appear to be looking to nip this whole used game nuisance in the bud by only allowing … Continue reading

Side-Scrolling On The Side

  Seeing the release of Sine Mora, a side-scrolling shooter on Xbox Live Arcade, came with the nostalgia of playing classic shooters of my past. Now, I am not one to get excited about these games mainly because I have played very few that have actually switched it up enough to keep my interests and … Continue reading