My Skyrim Prayer

Oh Mighty Skyrim

I believe in your arrival in November of 2011 and hope to throw myself into constant fits of Elder Scrolls nostalgia while also being surprised by your new, shiny awesomeness. Please forgive me for growing tired of the 4 voice actors that played 30 people a piece in Oblivion and for the statuesque jumping animation that looked more like a frozen spell gone wrong. I understand that there is a good chance that you will send dragons after me to feast on my armored limbs, but I pray that you give me another life if this should be my fate. To make right the wrongs of my past life and to show pity on me as I surely will walk into a crowded tavern and attempt a new dragon yell amidst their good times.

My hope [and $60] is in your hands this November. Please remember me.
Your pal,

P.S. Please make the Khajiit super badass this time.

3 Responses to “My Skyrim Prayer”
  1. I was at quakecon when they showed this game off to a live audience for the first time and let me tell you gamers are PUMPED for this game. I believe many of people will go missing for weeks in November.

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