Change and The New 52

Change can be a scary thing. It’s new, it’s bold, it challenges everything you know, and that’s terrifying.  Change is the reason why we  (comic book fans) were so afraid to accept the relaunch of the entire DC Universe. If you’re reading this then you probably have the same concerns all other comic book readers have. I don’t want to beat a dead horse; I’m not writing this article to strike fear into your hearts with the power of “change” and you know why? It’s because The New 52 is here and there is nothing we can do about it. All of the waiting of the past few months culminates today with the release of the first book of the DCnU, Justice League of America #1.

The first arc of the book will take the form of an origin tale five years before the other relaunched books. Before I go any further I have to tell you, rest easy because the relaunch starts strong. The boldness, the freshness, the change, it all felt needed. The book takes place during a time when meta-humans are unheard of, a time five years before the other New 52 books take place, a time where superheroes are still an urban myth. Without getting into spoilers I have to say that this issue sets some very interesting dominoes into place.

This issue is a “can’t miss” and chocked full of incredible writing, art, and character moments. Expect new faces, new interpretations, new designs, new stories, new storytelling, new attitude, new readers, Ladies and Gentlemen…Expect Change.

7 Responses to “Change and The New 52”
  1. I agree with you – this change is a very good thing. One of the things that’s been holding a lot of potential new comic fans back is the fact that they miss so much if they don’t understand the decades of history that have gone into the characters. Wikipedia has helped this somewhat because of their plot summaries, but it’s still a daunting read and can end up spoiling too much if you’re not careful.

    Also, this gives authors the ability to free themselves from the burden of plot elements from decades past that limit them creatively and get in the way of how they’re trying to evolve their characters. The current DC authors get a chance to refine the elements of continuity that work well, and remove elements that are a hindrance.

    I think the rich continuity and persistent world in comics is one of their greatest strengths, but I think that needs to be balanced. That world should likely be reset occasionally, perhaps every decade or so, and I applaud DC for having the courage to do it.

    • Nick says:

      My thought exactly buddy! I’m excited and the new books are great so far. Thanks so much for commenting, don’t forget to push the LIKE button on the left side of the site 😀

    • Ryan says:

      I had heard about this relaunch of DC and, as someone who has never been into the DC universe, it was quite appealing. Will probably grab a few of them to see what they do with the characters.

  2. Very excited for the relaunch, and so far it’s been delivering. I hope the first week of books reflect how all the others will be also in terms of the art and story.

  3. hey nick i just wanted to recommend a comic to check out it’s kinda old . It’s by marvel. it’s called The Call of Duty 911 . It has nothing to do with call of duty’s franchise game it about city service people( meaning police officers, firemen, and EMS people) i don’t want to get into it to much cause i want you to check it out i just picked up a part of the series that they came out with in can get like a sneak peek @ with their digital copy’s.

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