Modern Merch 3

It is almost that time Boys and Girls! That time of year when developers open the flood gates with video game titles that you’ve been fasting all summer for. This flood will not be exclusive to games though and as the trend of garnering support (aka Hype) for your title can help ensure visibility in the busy market place this holiday season, it also seems to be the new norm to include branded swag along the way as well. Exhibit A: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

Now, MW3 is hardly the first game to sell it’s soul for time in the lime light and will hardly be the last. However, what sticks out to me most about the release of this game is the extent to which they are going to help ensure Cash Cow status. They are pushing the envelope in cross promotion exposure and, while that can possibly reel a few bucks in to strike while the iron is hot, it almost seems excessive. Activision would not develop or put their name on a product without careful thought that this decision/business deal would reap the rewards (i.e. dollars) from the loyal cadre of Duty heads. As one who had jumped into the Call of Duty fray back in CoD 2, part of me wonders: “I should probably be part of this hardcore audience they are looking to have purchase these things but why would I want to?”. The following are participants in the MW3 hype machine.

Wow! I can hear that 13 year old team kill me loud and clear!

Out of all of the merch that is being pushed out with the release of this game, the headset is the one that would seem to have a higher adoption rate than the other items carrying the mark of MW3. A set of wireless Turtle Beach cans with 7.1 sound? Heck yes please. Anyone in the market to finally snatch a pair of wireless would surely not mind that the base unit carries the logo of a game that may or may not be their favorite. I can easily see this one being a front runner on the list.

List Price: $179

Oh these? These are my MW3 shades that I also wear while driving and spotting hotties at the club.

Next up we have the special, anti-glare noggin dimmers that are fine tuned to take those signals your peepers are picking up from your fly TV and fine tune them for a competitive advantage. Supposedly, these slick shades are sturdy in build and made of quality material and from these pictures; I would have to agree. The only issue I have is ‘How stupid will I look with these AND my turtle beach headsets on?”. I am all for reducing eye-fatigue and strain, but right now- it is so much cheaper to just turn the TV off and do something else as opposed to purchasing a piece of head gear to push through. These are also higher up on the list of items that could see a considerable profit from. Fanboys will easily pick these babies up.

List Price: $99

This will go great next to that slim model you recently purchased!

Now we are getting lower on the list with this one. I am all about branded console editions but how many people are going to be intentionally picking up this version? I can completely see parents and grandparents picking it up during holiday season because special editions are usually in ample supply during the shopping sprees because most people seem to pick up the standard version first. It comes with a copy of the game and also has unique noises upon boot-up, which I find to be nice but hardly seals the deal. After all, that R2D2 version is a tough cookie to beat.

List Price: $399

Totally snappin' this one up, Bro Jackson.

Lastly, we have the MW3 branded Jeep Wrangler. A solid vehicle in and of itself and (thankfully) does not have much MW3 clutter to take away from the rugged exterior. The branding will only be located on the front fenders and the rear tire cover, otherwise it is a Jeep Wrangler with a special features package. None of these special features include a console with a tv inside to play the ACTUAL game, but rest assured you can relive your favorite MW3 memories behind the wheel of this off-road machine.

List Price: No word as of yet on pricing, but should cost more than a couple Xbox 360 MW3 editions.



As a gamer, I would like to think the game itself could stand on its own two legs and provide an excellent experience but perhaps those days are far behind us now. We are a consumer collective and buying things is what we do. I certainly do not fault Activision for dipping into other formats of merchandise; I just wonder if I am a part of their target audience anymore. November 8th will welcome the release of this game and we will surely see how well this licensing deal has paid off for the company. I assume SOMEONE is buying this stuff. Are you?





For those long gaming sessions, why not get a bed pan that says "I'm a hardcore gamer!".

Complete your CoD experience with this Captain Price stache.

If you should make it to that level very few gamers reach, you'll want MW3 to have your back.

4 Responses to “Modern Merch 3”
  1. Man i need that bedpan, i’d never have to leave the action to pee again

  2. James says:

    I picked up a pack of those MW condoms, I told all the ladies that I now had a safety of my gun. BooYah!

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