Welcome Back Sweetie



The third time is clearly the charm for the Resistance franchise. I’ve been a part of the Resistance since the beginning. I remember staying outside all night in the bitter cold on the PlayStation 3’s launch day and the only game my little freshman heart wanted was Resistance: Fall of Man. That game was the essence of great. The story was top notch, the graphics where better than anything I had ever seen at the time, and the online multiplayer had me up until sunrise most of my summer vacation that year.

The good o'l days


Then came Resistance 2. I remember being so excited to get that delicious sequel in my hands so I could fall in love all over again, but the game I bought was not my Resistance at all. The story was strong even though it may not have ended on a low note, but the new addition of a co-op mode felt out of place, the art style felt completely different somehow, and worst of all, the competitive multiplayer was in no way the same game. Competitive play had far too many people, the maps where too big, and the modes left something to be desired. The worst part of all was Insomniacs choice to sacrifice the weapons wheel for a class based approach. I was basically playing an unfocused, very rough version of a Call of Duty game. To me, someone who played the first game religiously, this crushed my little Nick heart.



Now we get the amazingness of  Resistance 3. Before I even popped the disc into the console I felt this tidal wave of nostalgia wash over me and there I was, sitting in my room next to my girlfriend, giddy as a schoolgirl. Right off the bat there’s a gritty motion comic that captures the bleak feel of this game perfectly. I can’t put my finger on it but from that point I realized Insomniac knew what they were doing with this game. Once the single player campaign starts you find yourself as Joseph Capelli waking up to your wife Susan and your son, Jack. After a little bit of gameplay Dr. Malikov appears on the scene to beg you to help him get to New York so he can save the human race. Only after your wife Susan begs you to go does Joseph head out on one more suicide mission to save the world. That’s when it set in, I’m not playing as Nathan Hale the emotionless hero of the first two games, I’m Joseph Capelli the guy with everything to lose, so much to gain, and a family to save. After about six to seven hours of gameplay it’s clear that the controls are tight, responsive, and fluid.  Insomniac knows what direction they want to go with this time around, the story is solid, and the mechanics are interesting. Not to mention the weapon wheel is back.

I love you


Finally we have the multiplayer modes. The co-op mode has been boiled down to a drop-in drop-out approach to the single player game. It’s nice to be able to play with a friend whenever I want but chunk through the story mode at the same time. The moment of truth came when I accessed the competitive mode and was not severely disappointed. To start things off you choose a class, but after playing a few matches you can buy upgrades and configure your own class. This seems bad at first but once you get into a game you realize that the weapon wheel is still intact and you can quickly gain an entire armory of weapons just like in the first game. The game modes are pretty straight forward offering an array of modes that any Resistance fan should be acquainted with including: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Breach, Chain Reaction, and a new mode called Classic Hardcore where the match plays exactly like the original Resistance: Fall of Man. These online features give Resistance 3 the strongest online mode to date.


Why am I so angry?!


This game is the strongest in the series; stronger art style, better game mechanics and controls, strong storyline, and beautiful environments. This is a game that takes all of its past strengths and capitalizes on them. I highly recommend it for people that enjoy shooters, alternate history, aliens, and the last two games. Tell us what you think of the game, send me hate, or give me a virtual hug in the comment section below.


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  1. dbone404 says:

    Great right up man, I wish you guys all the best with new site, I’ll check in from time to time.

  2. dbone404 says:

    *write… just got to work, can you tell? My bad

  3. Eric says:

    Nice article….

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