GoW: Two Step Contest


Everyone likes free clothes. Some people even look better with clothes on. It was from this very truth that a contest was born. As you may know, Pixl Press is a young, naive, virgin website that has yet to really dig its roots into your squishy parts. In effort to kick this thing off right, we decided to hoist up an E3 exclusive Gears of War T-shirt, still fresh in the packaging. But not so fast there, clothes wearer! You will have to dance for it and scratch our backs and we’ll put a shirt on yours.

Here’s how it works. You exhausted your energy already by clicking your mouse to get over here to the website. Now all you have to do is comment below as to why you should get this coveted (1) T-shirt we have and we will randomly select a winner and ship you the shirt! It’s that easy! BUT WAIT! There’s a catch! The person randomly selected must ALSO have Liked the website (conveniently located on the left part of the webpage). Aqui.



If the winner selected has not Liked the site, they will be silently shunned for 6 seconds and will forfeit to the next person. The contest will only run over the weekend and will end on Sunday Sept 11th at 12 midnight PST. The winner will be contacted via email and must respond within 2 days or they will be shunned for 12 seconds and forfeit to the next guy in line. You must live in the continental United States (sorry, I’m poor right now), have a torso, and fit in a size Medium T-shirt… or know someone who does… or have an excellent tailor. Your participation is appreciated and we look forward to doing more community driven giveaways. Now get to steppin’!


Why should I wrap myself around you?

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20 Responses to “GoW: Two Step Contest”
  1. Only a Texan would make it a “two-step” contest.
    Annnd I deserve the shirt because it would fit me and you don’t even have to mail it! And I guess because I like Gear of War also, but not so much LA.

  2. I should win because I was one of the first people to comment on you stuff, and I can fit the shirt and cause I follow you guys on twitter and facebook already

  3. Eric Mack says:

    I should totally win because I was one of your first “likes” and followers on Twitter. And I also follow you(Ryan) on MyIGN and read your blogs and whatnot.(I’m DerpFerguson, btw.) Also, it’s my size. On a side note, I’m really liking the look of the site, and you guys have had some really cool content already, considering you’ve just started. Gives me hope since I’m looking into either creating a site of my own, or trying to write for a site, sometime soon. Anyways, thanks.

    • Eric Mack says:

      Totally forgot to mention that I actually really love Gears. Gears of War 3 is my most anticipated game of 2011. I even played the multiplayer of 2 so much, that I got to level 100.(So worth it.)

  4. James says:

    So umm, I know i’m a contributor and all but I can still enter? I really couldn’t get the shirt around my girth but I really could use a new sweat rag for when i’m eating Totino’s Pizza Rolls.

    • Ryan says:

      The trick on pizza rolls is….you must let them cool down first before eating them. And no….you can’t win this one. I have a George Michael shirt I found at the Thrift Store that you can have though.

  5. JoJo Siphen says:

    You got two of my favorite things Gears and LA, LA is also home to one of my favorite comics too, I should win the T-shirt b/c I’m willing to chainsaw everyone else who also wants it to get it 🙂

  6. Jeff says:

    Ok. here it goes i’m not i’m better than everybody or the huges fan there is (i don’t have my car detailed with gears of war on it or anything) but i do love the game and i’m getting the epic edition when on launch, i would love to see LA but i’m a new yorker. I would love to get this shirt so i can where to pick up my gears on launch. but hey if i don’t get it you guys still have great web

  7. Jess Junior says:

    I should get it because I look good in black! Just kidding. I love the sarcasm in this article. Keep up the good work and I’m sure this site will get big quickly 🙂

  8. I should win this shirt because I liked Pixl Press before there was cool gear to win! 😀

  9. i should get this shirt because i dont even have XBOX i have PS3 cuz its better and i also like winning thins whereas i don’t deserve them which pisses a lot of people off but i do like you pixl press. that i do.

  10. i meant things not thins but i do like wheat thins and saying things i like

  11. Karrie Keller says:

    I should TOTALLY win because I am the only girl commenting on this, so please show a little love to your minority readers. And, I am from LA county, so with that shirt I could represent and show much love to my peeps. Plus, I like skulls from time to time, and so does Zepplin. And I look good in black??

  12. Karrie Keller says:

    Sorry for my lack of ability to distinguish the sexes. 😦 I need to practice I think.

  13. Shane Bryant says:

    Interesting Site…Bookmarked!

  14. Micky Valdez says:

    omg i missed it………………..!!!! 😦

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