Secret Handshake: Zombie TV

We will be kicking off a series of Sweepstakes called the Secret Handshake. The main goal of these giveaways is to not only grow this website, but to also do what this site was created to do: Highlight the gaming community. This will also help build up to better prizes that I look to pass onto you, The PixlersThe PP Headswe’re still working on the term for you guys. The only requirements for entry to these special events is that you “like” the webpage at the left hand side of the main page and submit your entry. Entry can certainly take the form of a comment or answer to a question, but for the first inaugural Secret Handshake, we will be going a bit more interactive.

I present to you: Zombie TV. Most of you have already picked up Dead Island and even written a review of it or simply gave someone your two cents on the overall game. You have also read reviews or seen reviews of the game on many popular game websites and it may not have included or summed up your experience with this title. That is where Zombie TV comes into play.

The sweepstakes works like this:

Step 1- Record a 1 minute or less video of yourself on camera using your cell phone, iPod, webcam, camcorder, whatever; speaking your peace about Dead Island as a video game. (You get extra imaginary points for ending the video with your impression of a zombie)

Step 2- Email the unedited video of yourself to our email address at: (Subject Line: Zombie TV. This will be your entry into the drawing)

The videos will be compiled and edited for the ultimate Dead Island review; direct from the masses! But of course, you want to know what you are doing this for. Well, the last contest we did was limited to US only residents so this time we decided to open it up for everyone! You will be all be vying for a $50 gift card to Xbox Live or PSN (Winners Choice). The video will be featured on the website and winner will be announced shortly thereafter, if not on the actual video review.

A couple of things to remember: We do not rate anything with stars, numbers, muffins, or anything you can think of. We want pure responses on the game and reactions to what you liked and disliked about it. You are welcome to use whatever words you like, but the naughty ones will be censored (We have baby unicorns that follow our site). Above all, have fun with it! This site is supposed to be a multifaceted view of gamers and we will never agree on everything. Why keep reading one-sided reviews? Be the review. If we get a large response from this, everyone may not make it into the final video but your entry will still count towards the drawing. This contest will end Sunday September 18th at 12:00pm Noon PST.

If you have any questions, hit us up at the email. Good luck to all.
Let the games begin!

-The Pixl Press

9 Responses to “Secret Handshake: Zombie TV”
  1. great idea with this one guys. i think you should air all the video’s that are sent in… (well not all cause some people are kinda sick out there) and the winnig clip could be labeled winner or something. Well i’m not apart of the staff or anything but i just thought it was a idea. I’m not going to be participating this give away cause i have not picked up a copy of dead island yet nor do i have a working video recorder or video editor working at this time, to anyone that is doing a clip i think it would be cool to put little shawn of the dead in your clip.

  2. Nick says:

    wish i was eligible

  3. mickyhume says:

    I guess is off to the store to get a copy of the game….

  4. Hey Ryan if i steal the game dress as a zombie and recorded it does that count as an entry, i won’t be able to give a review of the game or show any game play footage seeing it as i might be in [ speaking on behalf of ryan and pixl press (even though i’m not apart of pixl) ] don’t go out and steal dead island for this give away cause your just not going to when anything in

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