Peer Effect

You hear that? Those are the shrieking eels! Buying the next hot game that the industry told us was the next hot game, so why not buy it as well?  This is a sure-fire way to guarantee that your Co-Op/Multiplayer dreams come true and who better to share your internet ecstasy with than your very own, handpicked friends? Most games do not limit themselves to a solo experience anymore and, even with the increase in social-everything nowadays, it is rare that your knucklehead friends get together to crowd around your TV for an experience they would prefer to enjoy in their boxers; back at the home that they pay to live in with the system and internet connection they pay to experience. Unless your house already promotes a very lax environment, but boxer-dude-smell is not one that welcomes your non-gamer friends with a smile.

So what happens if you don’t really care to pick up the next big game? This is the exact same dilemma I faced when Call of Duty: Black Ops released. Most of my friends automatically picked it up, while moaning at the idea of having to pick it up. Why? Simple. Because that’s what everyone who used to play Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) was going to be playing. They hesitantly handed over their money/cards as if they were paying a speeding ticket… and for what? I really don’t have an answer because I never picked the game up. Me and my broke arse are still rocking it out on MW2 and I can’t say I have any familiar comrades to team up with on it anymore. (Still haven’t unlocked all the titles.)

Now comes the new Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) and Gears of War 3 (GoW3) and I can’t say that I am excited for either. Both seem to be a nice machine gun romp with your buddies, but that would be the main reason I would purchase them at release. I am not saying these are empty games by any means. I have played both Gears of War games and the action and multiplayer modes provide hours of intensity and funny moments of miscommunication with your pals. I fell in love with Horde mode instantly. The only reason I am not excited for MW3 is because I am ready for a new experience and my heart is fluttering for Battlefield 3 right now. Either way I go, I’m sure it will be a fun experience, but my recurring broke arse needs to plan my purchases very carefully right now and that means prioritizing. Like not eating every other day so I can get Skyrim and Battlefield 3 within the same timeframe.

My “swim against the stream” sensibilities want to jump off a cliff at the very recognition of the fact that I would buy these games because other people I know will. While my “Red Rover” side wants to prove myself on the playground of online gaming with the people I have come to know and love….and shoot. Both sides of me will wait this one out for a final verdict on the matter. The verdict will come in the form of an agreeing wallet, no doubt. What about you? What game have you or will you pick up that you really don’t want to, but are pressured by the want/need to interact with your friends through gaming?


Also…did you ever play Fear Effect? =)

11 Responses to “Peer Effect”
  1. i’m not a huge dude i’m going to be on 8pm get on so we can rock out with cocks out on gears of war or MW3 . any game i get, i get cause i want to play the single player component and then play the online part when i’m done. ( if any of my friends are on hey lets do it if not then oh well.) i have kids and a wife so i usually play when most of my friends are heading to sleep or what not.

  2. So many of my friends fall in to that category of people who mindlessly buy “the next big thing”. I never bought black ops, don’t plan on buying MW3 either. While the trailers do look great for MW3 if I do decide that I want to buy myself a shiny new FPS i will probably go with BF3.

    • Ryan says:

      Agreed. It obviously looks like they put a lot of money and blockbuster action into MW3, so I am sure it is a solid game, but is not first on my list of FPS’s right now.

  3. Nick says:

    skyrim will be grand and thats a fact, alot of gamers i know have never heard of “the elder scrolls” and im like “whaaaaa?”

  4. I may pick up a game because my little brothers will own it. I bought Black Ops because I thought it was gonna be a decent game. But the game made me hate CoD, I played some online with my brothers. But I just couldn’t take much of it and sold the game.

  5. James says:

    I SHALL BUY EVERYTHING!! Oh and not only did I play and own Fear Effect I also played and owned Fear Effect 2. Hooray for digital lesbian subplots!

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