What’s New With The 52…part 2

Here we are, week two of DC huge waves of new books. You know the drill, I read them and try to find the right match for you (I guess you can call me doctor love). Hopefully this weeks write  up will put the right book in your hands.

Batman and Robin is all about the two working together to fight crime and solve mysteries. The twist here is that the two are actually father and son this time around. This brings a whole lot of tension, a whole lot of drama, and a whole lot of potential for good stories. I can see it now “Damian you broke that criminals neck! GO TO YOUR CAVE.” This book is great though, Batman fans, and new readers will both like this book.

Well at this point I’m convinced all the Bat-Universe books are amazing, and Batwoman is no different. This is a Bat-book that leans a little towards the supernatural side of the spectrum and that makes it a really refreshing change up for the Bat-Universe with a strong female lead as well as a great opening mystery. I wouldn’t miss this one if I where you.

Brutal, just brutal. That’s the word that comes to mind with the first issue of Deathstroke. The book follows Slade Wilson, a renowned contract killer with a nasty attitude. As the story unfolds you realize that there is more depth here than just a simple hitman story, you realize that maybe there’s something a little deeper going on (a twist if you will). Pick this up if you like assassin stuff, guns, swords, action, and explosions.

Wow, um, what did I just read? Demon Knights is basically a handful of puzzle pieces thrown onto the table by an angry three year old. There’s a ton to put together but all the pieces have clearly not made it to the table yet. All that I really gathered from this book looks to follow a group of immortal characters who take life as it comes to them. It was interesting, beautiful, and had a lot of magical action but the plot has not fully been revealed as of yet. So pick this up if your into mystical stories, dragons, and dark ages kind of stuff because you will feel right at home with this.

Frankenstein and the agents of S.H.A.D.E. is a simple series about a group of monsters who work for a secret organization in order to slay evil. Hmm, not so simple actually. The book follows the poem quoting escapades of  Frankenstein, his wife, a werewolf, a mummy, a lagoon creature, and a vampire as they go out on missions given to them by Father Time himself. Trippy right? Well i’d happily fall and scrape my knees on this adventure because this is easily my favorite book of this weeks wave of relaunches. Go.Get.It.

Wow I really dug this book, not to mention its a great starting point for new readers. One half of the story focuses on Hal Jordan the former Green Lantern and how he finds himself struggling to assimilate back into a normal life because he’s been off on universe saving escapades. The other half focuses on Sinestro, a former member of the Green Lantern Corps turned rouge who now has a Green Power ring back in his possession. There’s a ton of good moments in this book and I can see this being a staple of the DC Universe. Buy this if you want to break into the Lantern Universe, and if you like sci-fi space action of course.

This is why the relaunch is so cool. You get books like Grifter where the main character is a con-man finds himself caught in a situation where he’s the only person who can see shape shifting monsters (successfully making everyone think he’s a serial killer). This book has a lot of potential but I have to say the story has a long way to go if it wants to come together. I am very excited to see where this series goes and I think you will be to if you enjoy “most wanted” stories with a touch of supernatural.

With Legion Lost you get your basic group of teens who are skipping through time in an attempt to wright a certain wrong. The team consists of a “mish mosh” of random colorful characters with big personalities, some alien some human, some ugly rock monsters. It looks like this book is the cream of the crop when it comes to sci-fi stories. You’ll love this if you like time travel, aliens, action, and interesting power sets.

The idea of a Mr. Terrific book didn’t “wow” me at first.  I knew about the character but he just didn’t interest me that much. Well after reading this issue, Mr. Terrific has easily nestled his way into my monthly reading schedule. Its a smart book that doesn’t over load your brain with facts, thus, successfully making you not feel dumb. Its a great book for readers who are into witty action sequences, and heroes who use science, and technology.

The Red lanterns. They’re like the Green Lanterns except their rings are fueled by hate, they vomit acid blood, and use their powers to murder evil. Ok, maybe they aren’t like the Green Lanterns. This book puts the leader of the Red Lantern Corps, Atrocitus, front and center as he struggles to face the fact that his rage is dwindling and the feeling of having no purpose. Expect awesome Power Ring action, heroes who go hard, and character depth you couldn’t dream a Red Lantern could have. This is a must read.

Here’s yet another example of a book I didn’t really have the “taste” for but ended up loving. Resurrection Man does exactly what his name implies, he keeps coming back to life, except every time he comes back he has a different power and a different “feeling” of where he should go next. I wont spoil the plot but I will tell you that you will love this book if you like mysteries, thrillers, and out-of-the-norm powers.

Another great book. Suicide Squad is all about a group of lesser DC villains who are locked away in prison only to get a chance at fresh air if they…get this…go on suicide missions for the government. Its a unique dynamic having characters (especially villains) going on missions that they would probably not make it out of  just for a chance at temporary freedom. A “must buy” if you will.

Whats there to say about Superboy? This kid does not have a normal upbringing, in fact he looks to be severely messed up. This kid is the clone of two people, you guessed it Superman, and a truly evil person by the name of [REDACTED]. Ha, you didn’t think I would spoil it for you did you? This book really didn’t win me over but its going to be interesting to see where the character goes. I really couldn’t get a feel for this book but if I had to find this baby a match I would say pick it up if you like Teen Titans, and a severely messed up protagonist.

That about wraps it up for this weeks wave of the new 52. What did you think of the article? what do you think of the relaunch? what do you think about comics? What do you think about me? Drop your comments below and don’t forget to push the LIKE button conveniently located on the left side of the site.

15 Responses to “What’s New With The 52…part 2”
  1. I a big fan of all comic’s dc, marvel, etc. and i know the lates big thing is dc’s new re-due but how come you guys don’t have any news about anything for marvel?

    • Nick says:

      lol im sorry, im only one person, i have to read all the books for me to actually write about them, takes a while, after all the new #1s are out I will branch out into other books. Again sorry man, thanks for commenting though its very much appreciated

  2. jmac1979 says:

    Seriously, Robin is Batmans son?

  3. My LCS ran out of most of the titles. And this was on Thursday afternoon. Just craziness!

  4. My favorite from last week was Green Lantern. I enjoyed Batwoman as well, but was a little disappointed by Resurrection Man and Demon Knights. I think Demon Knights has potential, but their debut issue was crazy – all over the place, with no coherent narrative.

    I’m eagerly awaiting Batman today, because I’m a huge Scott Snyder fan. I’ve never read a bad story by him. I’m also looking forward to Green Lantern Corps, and I’m going to give Nightwing and Captain Atom a try.

    • Nick says:

      Scott Snyder can do no wrong! Also I completely agree with the Demon Knights comment. I’m reaaaally excited for Batman and the rest of the Lantern books to trickle out. As soon as I get home from college I’m going to start working on the 3rd installment of this series. Thanks again for taking the time to comment its much appreciated, there’s a like button on the left side of the homepage if you would kindly click that XD

  5. I don’t know how I feel about Demon Knights because I’m a Madame Xanadu fan and I feel like she gets tossed all over the place these days.

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