Now Hiring : Apply Within

Do you like writing? Do you like taking pictures and throwing them up on interwebia? Do you also happen to like video games and the warm glow of the television? Well then, anonymous reader, I might have something for you! You see, right now, this site is in a golden era of baby-faced play time and hardly any bills. This site was launched about two weeks ago and we wanted to treat it as a second SECOND opinion site; mainly because of one thing: we can’t compete with the big guys.

No. No. Don’t try to convince me we can and get my hopes up. This is a simple fact. They have more followers, more gadgets, and more stamps on their passport than I do in my stamp collection (I don’t have one). What we DO do (he he) here is take the events/news of this gaming industry and write creatively on it; with commentary and humor. We want this site to thrive as a niche for the community and that is where you come in friend.

If you think you got the chops to write as poorly as we do and still manage to walk with a sense of pride, you might be our candidate….or Vice President even! We want boys and girls who enjoy creative writing* and can offer something in a cohesive and fun way*. Access to camcorder, photo editing program, someone “on the inside”, and a computer with a working internet connection is a HUGE PLUS! If you are interested and would like to submit something to put your name in the make-believe hat, please email us at:

All walks of life are welcome and the more the merrier. Handhelds, PC, Comics, and more. We would like to cover all demographics of gamers in order to accurately portray the community we have grown to love…and sometimes eye roll BUT MOSTLY LOVE.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for reading.


*unpaid for the time being

10 Responses to “Now Hiring : Apply Within”
  1. Trevor says:

    Too bad I am a horrid writer…

  2. Micky Valdez says:

    I could be your south american correspondat!!!

    • Ryan says:

      Do you guys get the European release dates on games? I always wondered how that works. I will keep you in mind, since…you know…there are so many South American peeps responding to this thing. =)

  3. Blade says:

    It’s bluewolveine here. I’m not very creative and I’m pretty lazy as of now, but I would love to contribute to this sight in any way possible. Maybe in the short future I can be a part of this place.

  4. my writing skills is as good mario has a chance at not losing the princess all the dam time to king kupa , with that said i glad to help out with promoting the website as much as i can.

    • Ryan says:

      Oh believe me, Jeffy-San. We’re going to need you in the field, rubbing shoulders and nipples with people to get this thing out there. Better stock up on chapstick.

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