Xbox Indie: Dubstep and Butt Shots

In the mix of big title releases and the hype machine servings, there is a group of underdogs that slave away on a lesser budget and zero Coca-Cola endorsements. These individuals still do what they love and, like the big dev houses that surround them, need people to give them a chance to prove themselves to your gaming senses. That will be the main focus on these Indie Blogs. I am your captain on this yellow submarine dive into the overshadowed world of Indie Gaming on Xbox Live. My Co-Pilot this evening, Simply Orange, will give you a peek into two teams of gamers that have recently released two fun time-chompers that can expand your gaming library to new heights. Let’s get to it!


The first game up is a simplistically sharp running game called T.E.C. 3001. The first levels left me a bit underwhelmed but the action compounds as you make it to higher levels; all the while maintaining the simple input commands as the beginning levels. The scenery is delightfully “techy” and the controls are spot on. If you watched the video review, you may have noticed that I exchanged the in-game music for some punchier dubstep music and my appreciation for this game quickly rose to badassery because of it. Not unlike the moments I had with Wipeout on the ol’ Playstation when zipping through scenery with thumping techno shoved in my ears. While not as fluid and expansive as Mirrors Edge, the mechanics of jumping, sliding, running were very similar and I enjoyed it just the same. Phoenix Game Studios gave birth to this game and they are located out of Serbia. Serbia! Three guys who started this off as a student project and decided they hated the real life enough to become a developer of video games. How awesome is that? Give them a look over at their website:

The second entry is a side-scrolling shooter that goes by the name of Take Arms. The title actually sums it up quite nicely, seeing as you select which class of soldier to compete with in a capture the flag setup; each class with their own strengths and weaknesses. I played against computer bots (Hodge Podge!!!) but I can easily see how taking this one online for some multiplayer mayhem can increase your enjoyment of this title. I plan to do just that after I finish writing this blog! I am thoroughly enjoying the resurgence of sidescrollers on Xbox Live and this one compliments the collection nicely. When I used to play with my army men figures (yesterday at my cubicle), this is exactly how I wished they would interact; without help from my fingery claws. Different objectives would be nice and using the right thumbstick to aim took a bit of time to get down but the game is still a fun one to experience. The studio who cooked this one up is a couple of East Coasters at Discord Games. A couple of guys with a lust for 2D games but are willing to share them with the collective Live nation. Check out their site at

Speaking as an underdog myself, nothing brings me more pride than a fellow underdogee traversing the harsh plains of digital distribution and landing on their feet with solid titles to boot! Support your local indie developer with twitter follows, website likes, and heck…even purchasing the game would be a nice gesture! I look forward to highlighting these indie developers as we build this underdog of a site we have right now. We are still getting things situated as you can tell from my screen glare on some of the video. I do not have a screen capture device yet, but how indie would that be? Give these guys some lovin’.

6 Responses to “Xbox Indie: Dubstep and Butt Shots”
  1. i think when i get a chance i have to get them or a least try out those games they look really cool thanks reviewing and showing them off i would never would of seen them ( i usually download some xbla games but nothing along the lines of indies just cause i afraid it will suck and i wasted my points)

    • Ryan says:

      Yeah, give them a look at. When you put down your Lancer, of course.

      • thats going to be a while from now and especially all the other games i pre-orderd . i think when i have some extra cash in the near future i’ll buy them and whole on to them until i need to take a break from the games i bough and play something different.

  2. Morgan Clement says:

    HOORAY FOR INDIE SPOTLIGHTS! I do love me some good indie games. Those developers need all the help they can get in this sort of economy. I’m glad to hear that underdogs are still rising.

  3. James says:

    Sweet god, i’m gonna have nightmares of the Battletoads speed bike level.

  4. I’ve never got into the Indie scene.

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