Secret Handshake: Hunter/Gatherer

See games through my eyes.

these crazy, crazy eyes

The things I look for and the things that keep me coming back to games are epic stories, beautiful environments, interesting characters, and great gameplay. Though, ever since the PS3 gave birth to trophies, there’s been a little  extra something tugging my fingers towards the controller. (Trophies duh).

Ok I have to admit, I think the shiny little things are a little more than “aiight.”  In-game achievements are all well and good but the introduction of trophies gave online users further replay value; an accumulated visual of how much you enjoyed a game and, in some ways, new bragging rights. The best part is, this value doesn’t go away when you’ve moved on from that game. It sticks around so you can share the glory of beating the game on “super-uber-mega-mustache-human” difficulty or killing that dragon with a toothpick or even tea-bagging 200 other people online after you’ve successfully crushed their spirits.

Sadly there is a frighteningly dire draw back for me: Collection Hunting. That’s right. The ever-tiring task of getting the last feather, blast shard,  treasures, or some other crap that makes babies sad. It’s not fun and, if you’re a completionist like I am, its heart-breaking. These dumb little collections are usually the only thing standing in my way of the almighty Platinum Trophy but I usually can’t muster up the enthusiasm to find them all.


Trophies and achievements alike have generated a new “culture”, if you will. Right now, if you go to those series of interconnected tubes we call the internets, you will find endless websites dedicated to helping you get all the achievements and trophies your heart desires; connecting you to other people with your unhealthy obsession and making fun of people with your unhealthy obsession. We even have terms like “trophy hunting” and “trophy whores” going around when all we really are is gamers, gamers who love playing games, and we’ll play the way we want.

This is where you, thepixlpress readers, come in. I wan’t you guys to compose a small video telling me what you like about trophies and achievements, what you don’t like, your favorite trophy/ achievement, or a story of a difficult but rewarding trophy you obtained. It could be 10 seconds, it could be one minute, it could be ten minutes, it doesn’t matter. Okay, No. Not 10 minutes. We’re going to take the videos and use them to highlight the collective (pixlated response, if you will) to this gaming phenomena.

The deadline will be 11/1/2011. Though, there is something I haven’t mentioned. As an added bonus, one submission will be chosen at random and the submitter (submittee?) will win a $25 giftcard for their Xbox Live account or their PSN account. All submissions go to

To clarify, all you need to be eligible for the sweet sweet $25 in PSN/LIVE goodness is (1) send in the video and (2) LIKE the Facebook page conveniently located on the left side of the homepage. You can also tell us what the most difficult trophy achievement you’ve ever bled for or opinion on the matter in general. Sound off in the COMMENTS section below.

Thanks for reading guys I look forward to seeing where this goes.

10 Responses to “Secret Handshake: Hunter/Gatherer”
  1. Another great article from the press of Pixls. My best achievement is the first achievement that pops in my head every time I have to answer that question. That is COD4: Modern Warfare’s Mile High Club. MW was one of the first games I tried to get 100% on. I remember trying that bloody level over and over. I was so proud once I achieved it though!

  2. Morgan Clement says:

    Borderlands Platinum, the only Platinum I’ve ever achieved. I was a straight-up crack-like addict to Borderlands. I’d wake up early on school mornings to get some extra XP when I could, and whenever I had extra time, it was devoted to B-lands. Unfortunately, numerous DLC’s came out post-game, and one such DLC has blocked the ever elusive 100%. I HAD YOU ONCE 100%! I’LL GET YOU AGAIN! DX

  3. Ryan says:

    I’m almost certain your “crazy eyes” are also your “seductive eyes”. I could be wrong, but I’m not.

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