Whats New With The 52….part 3

The new 52’s tidal wave of #1s is finally almost over, and with it, this series of articles. Lets get the ball rolling with the onslaught of new books this week.

First off we’ve got a book I was personally very excited for, DC Universe Presents: Deadman. I have to say this book, in no way disappointed me. It breathed new life into the Deadman character with ease. The story felt original, taking the tired idea of Deadman possessing someone and doing a trick into something much, much more. Not to mention the beautiful pencil work and color work. This is a book no fan of good stories should miss because it was simply flawless.

Now for the book I was LEAST excited for. Legion of Superheroes. Luckily I was pleasantly surprised. LoS is simply a book about a futuristic Justice League type of team who handle problems all over the universe. I liked this book a lot in fact, something I noticed was that last weeks “Legion Lost” had characters from this exact team and ya know what? When the characters are in the time they are supposed to be in it really, really works well. I’d say pick this up if your into space, action, and superheroes.

Green Lantern Corps looks to be a stronger series than its ever been and I can tell that from one issue. The book effortlessly weaves a few very different plot threads together and it really works for these characters. This issue offers some good moments for long time readers and new readers alike so I would have to say pick this up if your into the Lantern mythos, mysteries, space action, and books that follow more than one strong main character.

I really don’t know what to say about Catwoman. It had humor, action, and the beginnings of an interesting story. But the book also had a character who was not like the Catwoman we all know, not to mention a lot of the panels were bordering on smut and fan service. There’s definitely an awesome book underneath of all the boobs and sex but this book just isn’t my idea of a “good read.” There’s better places to look at art like this and they won’t cost you your elusive monies. I’m just going to leave it at that.

I can safely say Captain Atom was a complete success. This book has a strong main character with neet powers and an interesting predicament. Captain Atom has some cool pieces put into play but only time will tell where the story goes. Definitely worth the purchase.

Scott Snyder can do no wrong. This issue of Batman takes its rightful place as the king of the new Bat-Universe books by falcon punching all of the other Bat books in the face.  I can’t say enough good things about this issue and I hope this is the book you start with if you’re trying to get into Batman comics. I recommend this for everyone!

All I have to say about Supergirl is “so far so good.” There’s a really intriguing plot unfolding in this and I can see a “struggling to adjust in a new place” kind of story brewing. But in this case there’s laser beams, robots, super strength, super girly shrieks. and other…super things. I enjoyed this book so I would definitely suggest picking this one up guys and gals.

This book was all over the place. Red Hood and the Outlaws has the makings of  a decent story but it was mixed up by random character introduction and poor portrayal of characters. I’ve gotta say this book is by no means bad, it’s actually decent, but if you’re an old reader you might night like the way some of your beloved characters are handled. Although, if you’re a new reader you’ll dig this book.

I never knew that much about the Blue Beetle (only what I saw in the “Batman the Brave and the Bold” cartoon) so I’m not the voice of authority when I say this but this retelling of the Blue Beetle’s origin is actually quite cool. The story follows a teenage soccer player who finds himself caught up in something he barely understands, ( I mean really, all the kid wants is a certain lady friend) which makes for a fun entertaining read for anyone who’s ever been 15. I whole-heatedly recommend this.

Ok maybe I was wrong about the Batman book being the BEST. I’m not saying this Nightwing comic is better than that Batman comic, I’m saying its a completely different bat-book then we’re used to, and for that It’s easily worth the purchase.

Another pleasant little surprise from the New 52. Wonder Woman looks to be all about a specific type of supernatural, one I personally find very mesmerizing. Greek Mythology. I can’t believe I put off reading WW so long because I can already see an awesome plot in the works as well as an epic set of characters. Definitely pick this up guys.

Birds of Prey was definitely not a bad way to end my onslaught of reading this week. I wasn’t too jazed about it but once I got to reading about this covert ops team of bird themed girl superheroes it definitely grew on me. I’d say pick this up if you like that movie Sucker Punch, but if you’d prefer it to have an actual plot.

That wraps up the third wave of new DC books guys and Gals. One more week and I’ll have to figure out something else to write about. What do you think of the New 52 so far? Whats your favorite artist? favorite new book? Favorite Writer? Drop some love in the COMMENTS section below and don’t forget to like the Facebook page on the left side of the homepage.

9 Responses to “Whats New With The 52….part 3”
  1. Ryan says:

    I am enjoying the art direction that most of these have taken. Catwoman with boobs and sex? Interesting. *Checking out my DC app*

    • Nick says:

      i don’t know how to reply to this, with kaitlyn next to me

    • Comics Alliance had a very interesting article about the way women are portrayed in some of these New 52 titles, Catwoman and Red Hood especially.


      I’m pretty frustrated with the immature and disrespectful treatment of female characters in these comics, and I’m definitely not the only one. It’s my only complaint with the relaunch titles so far, but I think it’s a big one because it just confirms the way that those on the outside view comic readers – socially awkward teenagers that don’t understand women and can’t help but objectify them.

      That being said, most titles in the 52 don’t lower themselves to that kind of characterization. It’s not a widespread problem, but one that DC should take some public steps to address. Overall I’m extremely happy with the relaunch, and this is most definitely not a problem limited just to DC’s comics.

  2. Captain Atom was very different than I imagined it, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. I went into it with the knowledge that Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen was based on Captain Atom originally, so I expected Atom to behave much more like a detached infinitely intelligent scientist. I like how the authors anticipated this, and directly addressed the misconception in the comic, with Atom actually declaring “I’m not a scientist” at one point.

    This is definitely one I’ll continue to read for now.

    • Nick says:

      man it really was pretty awesome, after I am done covering the relaunch I’m going to focus in on the books I really like and create longer segments. Captain Atom will more than likely make it to those articles.

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