What’s New With The 52: The End

This is it guys, this is the last week of new DC Comics books to come out and that means the training wheels are coming off. Unless you’re extravagantly rich your probably not going to want to buy 52 comic books every month so you’ve got some choices to make. With that I give you this: my thoughts on the final week of New 52 titles.

I’m always excited for a Green Lantern book, and Green Lantern: New Guardians definitely delivered “the goods.” This issue is a very nice half origin, half current story amalgam, which works so well because the main character’s (Kyle Rayner) origin happened quite a few years ago so new readers wouldn’t know why Kyle Rayner is so much different from the other three Earth Lanterns. Anyway it’s pretty clear the book is going to have an awesome plot-line, great characters, and amazing action so I would say don’t miss out on this one.

Make no mistake Batman: The Dark Knight is an awesome read. My only gripe is that there is already a book exactly like this one aptly named “Batman.” The only apparent difference between the two is the relation of this book to “Batman Incorporated” a story where Bruce Wayne tells the world that he “funds” all of the Bat-characters around the world. Aside from my lone gripe this really is a great story so far, I would say pick it up so you can double up on your Batman goodness.

Think what you will of me, but Aquaman was easily my most anticipated book of this relaunch. This book looks to focus on Aquaman’s struggle with not being excepted by the Atlanteans or the “Land Walkers” while delivering an amazing narrative and showing the world that Aquaman is no joke. I absolutely implore you to grab snag this book because by the end of this story arc I’ll bet this character becomes one of your favorites.

All I have to say is this entire book takes place in a strip bar and appears to follow a stripper named Voodoo and two government agents. I won’t go into detail but if the first sentence makes you want to pick this up then you won’t be disappointed.

The Flash is a fast-paced book with an even faster hero. Lately I’ve been enjoying this character, and this issue keeps all the momentum that other writer have been building up without becoming inaccessible to new readers. This book is pretty much a no-brainer to buy: you get a good writer, good art ,and an interesting plot so go pick it up.

I don’t have too much experience with Superman comics but I am really enjoying the more “gritty” take on the character. He’s still a good guy and want to do the right thing, it’s just now he actually has the raw emotion to back it up. I’d say pick this up but be on the look out for a strange narrative change.

These aren’t your girlfriend’s kind of vampires that’s for sure. In I,Vampire you get two strong main characters who just happen to be wolf-vampire-shapeshifter-things, a really cool plot line unfolding, and some vampire on vampire violence that is sure to make your heart race. I was a skeptic on this book at first, but after reading it, it’s sure to make its way to my monthly reading list.

Like a few of the other books in this relaunch I thought All Star Western was not going to be my “cup of tea,” but as I got further and further into the book I realized this book was exactly my cup of tea. This story appears to follow Amadeus Arkham (the founder of Arkham Asylum) and Jonah Hex (a grizzly old bounty hunter) investigating a serial killer in a young Gotham City, so look out for an 1800’s setting. Amadeus and Hex are a great team up simply because they’re nothing like one another. I really enjoyed this book and I’m fairly sure everyone else will too.

What you get when you pick up Black Hawks is a covert team of military agents who try to keep the world safe in their own little way. That way just happens to be high risk, explosion heavy, super powerish, and crazy all rolled into one. I’d say pick this up if your interested in military stuff with a heavy emphasis on technology, camaraderie, and explosions (kinda like J.I. Joe).

This is it, the culmination of every supernatural comic in this relaunch. Justice League Dark. Every “dark” looks to make their way into this book at some point or another, which is awesome because I’ve loved pretty much everything about the new supernatural line of DC comics. So the answer is yes, I do recommend you buy the book with a team of awesome characters.

I can’t really say much about The Savage Hawkman other than that I liked it. A lot. Action, Aliens, and Nth Metal (don’t ask just read the book) what more could you wan’t? Pick this up if your interested in, well, Action and Aliens I suppose.

In a word, The Fury Of Firestorm felt frantic. It was all over the place and for some reason, for this particular story, it worked. Besides some crazy, out-of-left-field race war this is a solid book with a diverse cast of characters. I’d say pick it up if your into science, action, explosions, and main characters with tension between them.

Teen Titans will probably be the most relate-able book to teenagers in this relaunch (obviously). Basically, this book follows Red Robin as he learns all he can about the rising number of metahuman teenagers around the world, only he’s not the only one tracking them. Even though this book is called Teen Titans, I’m absolutely positive pretty much anyone will dig this issue. So go get it.

Alright that’s it guys, the new #1’s are done with. Look out for an article with all your favorite publishers next week! But in the meantime what did you think about the relaunch? Am I crazy for not liking  Voodoo? What books would you like me to talk about next week? Insert random question here! Drop all your responses in the COMMENTS section below and maybe even push the LIKE button on the left hand side of the home page if your feeling generous. Until Next week friends.

9 Responses to “What’s New With The 52: The End”
  1. Pixie D. Dix says:

    I’m still not sure about the reboot, it’s really hard for me to forget everything I’ve been reading before, and as a continuity freak (I can’t watch a tv show if an actor is replaced with someone else) I think that I’m going to pass and read my old comic books instead.

    • Nick says:

      what are some of the books you’ve read of the relaunch? I totally know how you feel about the continuity thing btw. Yea some parts of the relaunch have broken my nerd heart like a couple scenes in the superman book. But yea appreciate the comment!

  2. Siphen says:

    Never thought I would say it, but I just may check out the new Aquaman.

    • Nick says:

      dude. I kid you not. It was one of the most epic books i’ve read. The book basically calls out all the aquaman jokes and makes you wish you never made fun of him because of how cool he is. im telling ya, ever since brightest day hes been legit

  3. New Guardians was fantastic! I liked it just as much as the flagship Green Lantern title. Dark Knight, not so much. I enjoyed David Finch’s first Dark Knight arc, but this one just didn’t have the same spark or excitement. Also, why is Bruce Wayne giving so many speeches all the sudden? 🙂

    @Pixie, some of the comics actually kept a large portion of their continuity, like the Batman titles. Green Lantern seemingly picked up right where it left off – I haven’t spotted a single change. Other changes I think are for the better – I’ve haven’t been a Superman fan since I was 12 years old, but the changes made to Action are bringing me back. Comics have always had continuity changes – like Superboy-Prime “punching through extradimensional space” and create “ripples in reality”. Hopefully in time you’ll warm to it, and if not – there’s always Marvel. 🙂

    • Nick says:

      man i appreciate the regular commenting it means alot. and truthfully i really dont understand the significance of the dark knight book…its the same thing as the batman book lmao

  4. Superman was an alright story but just so cramped. It seemed like trying to take all of Morrison’s Action arc and jam pack into Superman 1 and throw some emotion in there and it missed. I won’t stop reading it but I hope they can breathe a little now.
    Aquaman is just insanely good, All Star Western was about as great as I thought it was going to be. I didn’t get Voodoo but the girl at the shop has me thinking to get it next week anyways.
    Flash was solid and New Guardians was fantastic. I haven’t made it to the other books yet, but I hope the new team that Finch has will keep him better on track so he doesn’t release just 5 books before the next DC relaunch.

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