One LIVE to live


Mondays are my day off. This has not always been the case, but I have learned to honor this day with moments of slothful bliss. You see: Mondays have been the bane of many a cubicle worker’s work week and the butt of many jokes since I began renting Garfield books in elementary school from my local library; instead of, you know, actual books. This stigma has stayed with me for most of my life so ever since it became my day off work, I have dubbed it my day of rest as a sort of middle finger to the universe.

Upon wakening this Monday, I was greeted to the alert that the Xbox was not connecting to Xbox Live. My wife was trying to enjoy a few rounds of Netflix before she went off to work and our main source (the xbox) was not cooperating. I tried to run a few troubleshooting maneuvers, but to no avail. I shrugged it off and said “you could just watch tv”, but I knew better. There’s nothing on daytime television! So I made a bowl of oatmeal and surfed (no one says that anymore) the world wide web for my morning paper and to see if anyone else was complaining about their Xbox Live not working.

Sure enough;  there were multiple people running into the same issue as me. Some easily remarked that they would just hit up PSN and others vowed their candlelight vigil to welcome its return. Some believed it was back-end work to prepare for the new Live Fall release and others were quick to throw the words Anonymous around. Since I did not have a Playstation or the will to wait on Live to get its act together, I decided to break Ryan Law and actually get some much-needed work done on the front yard and on my finicky car. Now, you might say that this game of Yard Work hardly requires skill and rarely gives you Achievements or Trophies for successfully trying to manicure your lawn. And you’d be right, but there comes a time in a grown-ups (gulp) life that he must put aside the controller and tend to more pressing matters. Yes…Xbox Live NOT working made me realize that.

After my productive day, I was greeted to the warm glow of a working  Xbox LIVE homepage and, while I will still have my battle between gaming and real world productivity, I had more appreciation for it being there to welcome me back. Like an old friend that decided to skip town, only to return with a case of (insert something you like) in their grubby paws. It turned out to be a nice little Monday. Thanks Xbox Live, for giving me an excuse to be functional citizen today! Where were you when Xbox Live went down? What did you do? What was your fill in the blank case full of?

3 Responses to “One LIVE to live”
  1. i sorry i’m a bit obsessive when it comes to playing games( main reason is cause i have kids and a wife so when i can play i make sure to play) i logged on after fixing my sons 360 with the help of Microsoft and my router support tech. to find out ten min later that my live won’t come up i was upset for about five to ten min. trying to get my live back and i said hey what the hell i’ll go make dinner for the family and just play some Playstation 3 how ever though i was made that battlefield 3 beta has more glitches than cod WAW. but life goes on.

  2. James says:

    I feels ya, Ryan. Lillie took my dinning room table over the weekend but lo and behold some guy threw away a beat up oak dining room table at the apartment complex. So I spent all day sanding the thing down and then putting a nice dark varnish on the tabletop and legs. Now the thing looks brand new. But alas, I barely got any gaming in. I did get a chance, thanks to Gamefly, to play El Shaddai and I must say, that is one strange game. But it looks beautiful. I also got my copy of HD ICO/Shadow of the Colossus in the mail but I stuck to my guns and finished the table. Seems we all had to “work” on Monday. >.<

  3. I was playing Starcraft2 😛

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