Introducing Button Mashers!

Welcome to the first edition of Button Mashers a web comic series about gaming!  I have been toying around with doing this for years and am excited to finally be moving forward with it.  So please enjoy and leave your comments. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.  If you have thoughts or ideas on the strip you would like to share please email me @ and I use an idea of yours for the strip I will credit you on the site. 

The first strip is based on the movement to make games more accessible to everyone of all skill sets.  This helps folks enjoy the game who don’t want the frustration of overly difficult challenges but at what cost does this come? Isn’t the point of playing a game to challenge your skill and even encourage you to try and improve those skills?  The Frogger senario was suggested to me by Alissa C. Enjoy!

Button Mashers - 01. Casual Mode

click to enlarge.

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