Breaking into Comics

About two years ago, I was a 17-year-old dude who had an obsession with superheroes but no comic book knowledge to back it up. That obsession (verging on unhealthy) led me to take my first steps into a comic book store and pick up Wolverine: Old Man Logan a comic about an alternate future where Wolverine is the last hero in a world run by supervillains. As I was turning through the brightly colored pages I learned something really cool about comics.I learned comics are a medium where amazing self-contained stories can unfold, while there are entire ongoing universes with years of continuity to back them up, with beautiful art, mind numbing plots, intense action, well-developed characters, and the nerd-dial turned up to 11. School should teach that lesson.

Venom T-Rex, and some Hillbilly Hulks

Naturally, I finished Old Man Logan, so I had to begin the search of something new to satisfy the hunger. That’s when I saw them. The first few books in the Scott Pilgrim series. I had known about Scott Pilgrim well before I got into comics but after a while I just forgot and they were lost in the outer reaches of “mah brain.” Though, when I saw those books sitting there on the shelf, something in me clicked and I knew there was no turning back to semi-normalness. By now, everyone knows about the movie, but what a lot of people never realized was that the movie came from an awesome six part graphic novel series chock-full of pop culture references, sprinkled with romance, curb-stomped with hilariousness (what am I saying), layered with awesome character development, and all shoved into a cute manga art style. It was, in my humble opinion, perfect, and to this day it’s still my favorite series of all time.

After a few months of coming into my local comic shop, I managed to actually snag a position there, and trust me, it was awesome-sauce. I learned so much about comics and the comic industry itself in the short time that I worked there, but sadly I had to move on at some point. It was only after many more months I was asked to write about comics and games for this site. I had recently developed a love for writing and I had more than my fair share of comic-knowledge to drop on people’s heads, so it fit perfectly.


That was my story, but the question is, how do you start your own? Luckily me and the comic book industry are on your side. Ya see, each different publisher goes through great lengths to make sure there is an easy way for you to start reading the content they publish. For DC Comics it’s the entire relaunch of all of their comic books, for Marvel Comics its their “Ultimate Universe” which is a modernized retelling of all of your favorite heroes, and as for Image Comics they are always releasing brand new series able to suit anyone’s interests, not to mention between Marvel and DC there are hundreds of self-contained stories to read that you don’t need any previous knowledge to jump in on (like Wolverine: Old Man Logan).

It’s really that easy to start reading about all of your favorite superheroes and even discover some new ones. How did you break into comics? Do you want to break into comics but never had the chance? Tell us in the COMMENTS section below and if you dig the content we put out push the LIKE button on the left hand side of the site. Thanks for reading.

11 Responses to “Breaking into Comics”
  1. Siphen says:

    Not gonna lie I’m loving the Old Man Logan series, interesting world it takes place in.

  2. S A R A H W A S H E R E.
    I’ve never read a comic before,but perhaps I will one day. Good article.

  3. Ryan says:

    First comic: Wolverine. Just a random issue that my mom picked up at a thrift store for me. Thank you, person who donated Wolverine to a second hand store.

  4. it’s hard to say what was my first comic i started when i was very young my older brother ( that passed away) use to collect comics, i remember going to a com con when i was small and it was like heaven (that was of course when com con was called comic book convince) and that was what got me into comics. i started collecting hard core when i became a teenager that’s around the time when image came out ( you know the time when todd mcfarlane did some work for marvel (amazing spiderman)and started spawn) then my brother passed away and i stop collecting and sold all my old comics for cheap. i just now started collect again .

    • Nick says:

      Im not much of a collector you know? I just have this deep passion for finding great stories with visuals to match. Thanks for commenting man 😀

  5. Gezquester says:

    Howdi. I read the article and it’s great! It also reminds
    me of how I pretty much had a similar intro to comics. I had always loved
    supers from a young child; I remember watching Live and Kicking just to catch
    the latest episode of Spider-Man The Animated Series. However growing up in UK,
    comics like Marvel and DC seemed to be rather scarce or at the very least they
    were something that were not readily available to me. Then I got into the Sonic
    comics which, over here, were published in A4 magazine format with comps,
    puzzles and all that stuff but I just loved the comics part, I was amazed by
    the adventures. Sadly somehow in the big move my family made back in the late
    90s, they all ended up in the shed, by now they are all probs ruined. Anyways
    time flies with this story, years later, school, hating school, watching
    thousands of movies and TV shows, working part time at a video shop, playing
    loads games, getting a ps2 years after it came out, then, it happens… I buy my
    first graphic novel “Love Wolf 2100” or something, I’m not sure of the exact
    name as it was years ago now. Well, I actually bought all 3 of the series. What
    a rush I tell you, just amazing! I had to read more, however the book that
    really got me hooked was Serenity: Those Left Behind. By this time I was still
    reeling from the cancellation of Firefly and going though withdrawal after
    watching the movie for the first time. It was just the perfect fix of
    storytelling I needed. From then on I’ve pretty much looked at getting loads of
    different comics. From a humble beginning of owning only Lone Wolf and
    Serenity, I now own, the 3 Supernatural comics, all of SW: Legacy and SW:
    Kotor, The Darkness Volume 1 Compendium, odd movie tie-ins and loads more. I
    most recently started the Buffy Season 8 comics (yes, I’m a Whedonite), I
    barely have room for them and I am still eyeing loads of other series.

    Anyways I know I’ve rambled on a bit but I just felt so inspired
    by your article that I had to say my piece!


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