Avenger Vengeance


So, by now you have already seen the much talked about trailer to the upcoming Avengers movie and there is one thing that I wanted to point out about it that has me completely fed up: I liked the trailer. I liked the trailer and I cannot stand myself for liking it. If you do not know the trailer I speak of, take a gander below.



Can you believe the nerve of these people? Blatantly using a great song from NIN to lure me in and then flashing their powerhouse genitals at me, who go by the name of Robert Downy Jr and Jeremy Renner (otherwise known as the guy from Hurt Locker). Not only that, but then they have to throw in my movie-crush Scarlet Johansson into the mix with some awesome, comic-esque poses to keep me from clicking on that new Tower Heist trailer that I would have rather checked out- initially. I like Mark Ruffalo but I couldn’t care less who plays Bruce Banner; I am more interested in The Hulk. And I will refrain from going into the Samuel L. Fury schhhhpeel again, because I have already surrendered to the fact that he is going to keep playing that guy.

What has my panties up my butt is the silent agreement I made with myself to swear off comic book movies for a long, long time. Okay, I did express it out loud at a later appointment, but it originated in my head the moment I exited the theater after watching Captain America. As one who grew up with these characters, I seem to build up an expectation that they should be handled with the craftiness that the stories in the comic books always provided them. It was a tall order for Hollywood to fulfill, so I decided to move on to other genres that would appease my story driven desires. But now this trailer comes out and had me curious to possibly watching it, when I know that I know that I know it has the same chance of being mishandled and warped for mass consumption like the other movies. Playing one of my favorite Nine Inch Nails songs did not help matters and this is even knowing that the song will not even make it into the movie. (I don’t know, but I know).

I certainly do not know what the future holds but I was certain it would not include The Avengers movie in any paid-for form. Perhaps it is good to know that others will watch this movie and hopefully get enticed to actually pick up a comic book themselves and discover this universe of characters that ushered me through puberty so eloquently. Who knows. Maybe it will only sell t-shirts and lunch boxes. Thankfully, I have plenty of time to think this one over before its May 2012 release date. What did you think of the trailer? A must see? Avoid it at all costs? Did you like that fat cop running from exploding cars as much as I did?

14 Responses to “Avenger Vengeance”
  1. Nick says:

    this movie is going to be awesome dude. As the resident comic guy i’ve always been happy with the latest movies they’ve been putting out. Obviously spider-man 3 was their wake up call.

    • Ryan says:

      As the resident comic guy, are you telling me you were happy with Green Lantern, Thor, Iron Man 2, Fantastic 4, The Hulk movies, and Watchmen?

      • Oh, Ryan, that cuts deep. Or it should. Actually, I hope it did.I was unhappy with all of those movies.
        Best comic movie of 2010? Kick Ass. I mean Scott Pilgrim. Best of 2011? Owning them on Bluray 🙂 And I guess X-People Remix.
        P.S. Don’t forget what they did with the Watchmen teaser. Now that I think about it, End is the Beginning is the End might have been a signal…

      • Ryan says:

        Ha. Oh man. How quickly I forgot the Watchmen trailer. I did enjoy Kick Ass and Scott Pilgrim, but the movies I listed were examples of superhero movies that comic nerds cried foul on. I haven’t even seen Green Lantern or Thor.

      • Nick says:

        I was happy with green lantern, thor, iron man 2, and the newer hulk movie, yes.

  2. this trailer is like a a horror movie to here the music and you everything moving kinda slow and you know that there can’t be any good coming in the next seen.. i love the fact that Hollywood that has given comic books a chance but why in gods name can’t they just go my the comic book. i love the special effects in all of them and i so glad i can even be alive to see them try but come on guys don’t take two or three years to come out with special effects come out with a marvel saga right out marvel comic books… and the same goes for dc ( yes the reinvention of batman was cool i feel it to is going the same route as batman forever.. ( oh god thats was bad) I going to check the movie out when it comes out to see if the put anywhere near as good as it looks from a far ( you know like how games put out the CG cut scenes and it be honorable). And hey Ryan i liked Watchmen i have the book and i didn’t it went that far off ( thats just my opinion) I also loved SIN City to.

    • Ryan says:

      I didn’t mind Watchmen that much. The list of movies were ones that comic fans showed a disapproval for. Just an example that you don’t have to be a casual comics reader to not like what they are doing with comic book movie scripts.

  3. Blade says:

    I have really low expectations. “But we’ll damn avenge it.” Great writing.

  4. I want a webseries with just that cop. Hopefully he survives and because of his valor becomes an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  5. James says:

    So, Ryan. What’s your take on The Walking Dead? It doesn’t follow the comic 100% or even 30% but it is pretty good as a stand alone. I know its not a movie though…

    • Ryan says:

      I enjoyed The Walking Dead. I had not picked up the comics before watching it, but I appreciated the care they took when creating characters and story. I don’t mind that the movies or TV series go off or even rewrite the established formula, I just don’t like mindless action anymore.

      • James says:

        If you are ever interested in reading The Walking Dead, I have every one of them. And I agree, while the mindless action is well, mindless. I do enjoy when they go off the established path. I like to think of it as an alternate retelling of the story. It is a way for me to see my favorite characters react to different situations.

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