Nick Picks Week 2

Whats up guys? I’ve been to the farthest reaches of the multi-verse and back in order to bring you, in my humble opinion, the sweetest of all loot: good comic books. Well, I’m at least going to tell you what to spend all those precious “monies” with. So let’s get right into it with these beauties. 

 Geoff Johns can write a good story, at this point it’s impossible to refute that. His new Green Lantern series continues to change the status-quo of the Green Lantern Universe, and for that it’s reason enough to pick this book up. If that’s not incentive enough to shell out $2.99, then how about a series that offers ease-of-access to new readers, while simultaneously giving long-time-fans reason to nerd out all over the place? Not to mention the consistently solid penciling, color-work, and creature designs. You really can’t be disappointed with this issue, and if that’s any indication of how the series will carry on in the coming months then you wont be regretting the purchase.


Wow, just…wow. Morning Glories #13 blew my mind. So, around 13 months ago I decided to start reading this series, I picked it up because of the gorgeous cover art and a recommendation from a friend and it quickly became one of my favorite series. It featured a few teenagers getting trapped in a boarding school laced with copious amounts of conspiracy theories and sci-fi elements, as well as some pretty art and some interesting, yet diverse characters and plot threads, and that’s what kept me coming back for more. Sadly, I must have let this little series slip off of my radar around issue #7 or #8 and hadn’t thought about it until I picked up #13 to do this article. Sitting here, writing this article, I’m amazed at how easily I was able to jump back in, yet how fresh everything felt. I’m really excited to go back and read the issues I missed, and you should be excited for this series as well if you like, well, anything, because this book caters to everyone. 

I’ve never read a comic in my life with the words “X-Men” in it, and believe me, I’m glad I started now.I’ve always liked the X-Men cartoons, the characters I would see in other books like the Avengers, and the fact that the powers mutants get are among the most creative I’ve ever seen, but the history of these characters and seemed so convoluted that it was near-impossible to catch up. X-Men: Regenesis #1 nips this problem at the bud by throwing you right at the beginning of a new story arc that sets the stage for how the X-books will be from here on out. I truly enjoyed the color and pencil work in this book, but what sold me on this series is the unique way the story was told (trust me you don’t want it spoiled for you). This issue was a “team” book at its finest and I can’t wait for next month.

That wraps up this week’s Nick Picks guys so I’ve got to ask: What was your favorite book this week? How about your least favorite? (insert question about dragons here)? Anyway, kindly drop your thoughts in the COMMENTS section below and if you’ve got the time, push the LIKE button on the left hand side of the home page. Until next week guys.

13 Responses to “Nick Picks Week 2”
  1. Green Lantern this week was phenomenal! Sinestro teaming up with Hal Jordan to liberate his home planet from the Corps that he created? Geoff Johns is a master storyteller.

    I’ve been hearing a lot about Morning Glories lately. It’s probably time for me to give it a try. I’ll have to hit Amazon and find a trade paperback or two. 🙂

    X-Men is actually what got me into comics. I read Joss Whedon’s fantastic run on Astonishing X-Men and realized that comics have come a long way from the late 80’s and early 90’s. My interest had really started to wane lately, though. The Schism storyline was weak at first, but as it drew to a close it really picked up some momentum and reignited my interest. I picked up Regenesis yesterday, and I’m looking forward to reading it this evening. I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up on th Cyclops side of things. I think the mutants need to face the new realities of their current situation, and do whatever is necessary to survive.

    I read Demon Knights #2 last night, and it was actually pretty fun. It’s certainly not going to win any awards for depth or drama, but it reminded me of some of the Forgotten Realms books I’ve read. Casual, enjoyable medieval action.

    I’ve also or Uncanny X-Force in my stack to read. This series has been consistently excellent, but I’m definitely ready for them to finish their current storyline. They’ve been building upto it for a long time now, and the execution seems a little drawn out now that we’ve finally arrived at the climax. The current issue should have been the finale of the arc.

    • Nick says:

      Maaan ever since “whats new with the 52” series ended Ive only been reading a few books XD i just dont have the time. I glad I can sit down and focs on a few issues i really enjoyed

  2. Siphen says:

    I like how this series has started, its a fresh new start for the X-Men, they found a great way to end all the other side comics and bring it down to 2 solid series.

  3. Alicia says:

    And yet I still have no idea what’s going on in Morning Glories. Do love it though.

  4. Action Comics was sweet.Luther is even more ruthless in the DCNU then ever.Its said that a hero can only be as good as his villain is bad.Two issues in and i cant wait to see sup’s kick his ass!

  5. Alicia says:

    Haha, every time I think about writing something on a comic you’ve already covered it. 🙂

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