Do I know you?

Pardon me, but what the hell happened to Frank West? You know that bad ass photographer from Dead Rising and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom? Can you picture him in your mind? Good. That image probably looks something like this:

But it would seem that he’s let himself go – or rather, Capcom has. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, the reimagining of the second game, hit shelves three days ago. The thing that’s really throwing me off, however, is the cover and the screenshots I’m seeing of Frank. It seems like he’s loving the cake, like he lost a battle with his receding hairline, and that he’s been skipping out on the facial moisturizer for the last year. Just take a look:

If this isn’t a big deal to you I find that understandable because it’s not going to affect how you play, and shouldn’t really compromise your enjoyment of the game. Besides, Dead Rising covers always seem to give me something interesting to talk about, like the customer who asked me for “The game with the guy in the yellow jacket kayaking through zombies.”

But let me put this into perspective. Every time you play, you are playing as Dan Aykroyd. Every time.

Starring Dan Aykroyd as Frank West

Okay, so Frank West has aged a little. It happens to all of us. What about characters who undergo a complete transformation? That’s right, I’m talking about Spyro. A piece of my childhood made demonic and warped.

In Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, the player becomes a “Portal Master” who is in control of up to 32 characters, including Spyro. Character’s enter the game via programmable action figures with inherent abilities that help you (and break your parent’s piggy bank, because the game only comes with three figures to a starter pack).

It’s nice to see Activision trying to get kids interested with a revamp, and even better that they’re toying with the idea of augmented reality, but they didn’t have to make Spyro so menacing. Then again, part of me thinks the redesign is kick ass. What about you guys? What do you think?

7 Responses to “Do I know you?”
  1. Ryan says:

    The new Skyro looks like he should be in the NBA

  2. Seth Latham says:

    I don’t care what he looks like, I just want a good Spryo game. He does look pretty frightening, however.

  3. Nick says:

    Man I was luling this entire article

  4. Malevolence says:

    Imagine 5 years of Booze, hookers, and don’t overlook Frank West is 41 years old when the events of Dead Rising 2 Off the Record events occurred where they even made fun of his age, receding hairline, that he was a has been. On top of all that, a zombie apocalypse where you had to force yourself to get up at 7am every morning for 5 years to take zombrex or die with a 1hr margin of error. Sorry Frank West isn’t the low poly hunk you remembered him from Dead Rising, but personally speaking, his realism is what sets him apart from all other Capcom heroes like Leon Kennedy from the RE series whom time had forgot to age. Honestly believe DR 2- Off the Record’s portrayal of Frank West is much more accurate in accounting his age than DR was, the way the model was created with sloping shoulder muscles during the first cutscene was very creative. I mean he isn’t your sex symbol you’d wish him to be, and think he transcends that as a character.

  5. Voncile Mante says:

    Aykroyd was raised in the Catholic Church, and intended to become a priest until the age of seventeen.[7] He attended St Pius X and St Patrick’s. He went on to study criminology and sociology at Carleton University, but he eventually dropped out before completing his degree. He worked as a comedian in various Canadian nightclubs and ran an after-hours speakeasy, Club 505, in Toronto for several years.,

    My very own blog site

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