The second Buttonmashers strip is finally done! I don’t know if I can keep up running in full color or not.  Future strips may be in black and white just so I can expedite strips and get them out in a weekly fashion. 

When I am playing a game, even the most well thought out and realistic of them, there are times when I wonder about certain aspects of the game.  Like how something got there or why things are they way they are.  Over time, I have found that my own imagination is far better than any explanation the developers of the game could possibly come up with.

Like the strip? Hate it? Have any sort of feedback or strip ideas? contact me @ button.mashers.comic@gmail.com

Idea for this strip comes from Ryan Palmer.

edit: now with proofreading.


click to enlarge

4 Responses to “Buttonmahsers:Explanations”
  1. Ryan says:

    Turned out better than my suggestion. Good stuff. How are you currently coloring your slides?

    • Ryan H. says:

      Thanks! I am using photoshop but I think for the next one I am going to experiment and try doing the line work and color in Illustrator. I have been using both since about 1995 but Illustrator and I have never fully seen eye to eye.

  2. Nick says:

    Man these have been consistently “lul” worthy so far

  3. James says:

    Little known fact. At TSA, we really do stuff like this….

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