Sheer Brilliance

When I was 5 years old I climbed atop my racecar bed, wrapped my bedroom curtains tight around my neck and took a magnificent leap into the air.

Now before you start thinking that I was depressed or suicidal, don’t. I had finally figured out that the only thing keeping me from flying properly was the right cape and a little bit of a head start. (+1 for child logic!) But by the time I managed to struggle free of my homemade noose cape and completely ripped off the entire curtain rod from the wall, landing smack on the ground, I realized that:

A) Superpowers probably weren’t real   B) I had waaaay too much alone-time for a child my age

That being said, my near fatal yet now funny experience came to mind only after picking up an awesome new book the other day called Brilliant. This creator-owned title, published under Marvel’s Icon imprint, comes from the duo of Bendis and Bagley and centers on college students who somehow figure out how to create superpowers.

Brief back-story.

If you haven’t heard of them, Brian Bendis and Mark Bagley are two MEGA Marvel bad-asses who have been behind some truly great books. We’re talking about the guys who did Ultimate Spiderman back in 2001(the best-selling re-launch of Spiderman ever) and a whole host of other good stuff including New Avengers (Bendis), Thunderbolts (Bagley), Secret Invasion (Bendis) and the  New Warriors (Bagley). Needless to say it’s pretty exciting knowing that these guys are the ones calling the shots on their own book now, telling amazing stories with their own awesome characters!

Mark Bagley

Brian Bendis

Back to Brilliant.

Now I must admit that as a staunch X-men fan I generally gravitate to books that showcase people with powers…AKA mutants and the like, but Brilliant threw me for a loop with its crazy cool approach. In the first few panels a kid walks into a bank, successfully robs it and gets apprehended by police who fire their guns in vane as bullets BOUNCE OFF his face!

Now of course at this point you’re thinking, “Didn’t this jack ass just say the kids don’t have powers?!” Sure did cause they don’t.  The beauty of this issue is that they don’t exactly reveal how it’s done, but you know from the dialogue that there is an unknown method to the madness during the bank heist, leaving some pretty big gaps to fill, like “How the hell did he do all those amazing things?” “What all can this kid do?” “Who else is involved/ are they aware of how he’s using this power?” All questions I was asking by the end of the issue which needless to say left me craving for more, making Brilliant a pearly new addition to my stacks and definitely a series to watch!

P.S. Out of sheer curiosity, has anyone else done anything as dumb as my curtain stunt?  If so PLEASE share because relaying the story has only made me feel a little dumber in hindsight…definitely thought it was gonna work at the time though!

5 Responses to “Sheer Brilliance”
  1. Nick says:

    Awesome post man, welcome to the family.

  2. Ryan says:

    I’ve never tried, but I always assumed I could bounce bullets off of the squishiest part of my cheeks.

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