inFamous: Festival of Blood

First off, happy Halloween! Secondly, I have just the thing if you plan to spend it at home, or just hanging around playing games all day (still some pretty sweet plans, if you add candy) – infamous: Festival of Blood for the PS3.

You don’t have to own a copy of infamous 2, or have even played it to vamp your way through Festival with a lot of fun. It’s a great buy at only $9.99 with a little over five hours of game play. The story is simple enough:  Zeke is trying to impress a pretty lady with tales of Cole MacGrath (in typical fashion),  making one up about how he saved Cole from eternal damnation. On Pyre Night, a sort of vampy Halloween celebration in New Marais, Cole gets kidnapped and his blood is used to resurrect the vampire corpse of Bloody Mary. She in turn turns Cole, who has until morning to kill Mary and revert back to his humanity.

Cole has the freedom to stake vamps and feed on humans alike in this game, a task players will quickly take to heart once their blood meter runs low and you need some energy. One of the coolest looking new powers in the game is the ability to turn into a multitude of bats and fly around New Marais all spooky like – but it also comes in handy during fights as you can fly into another vamp and stake him instantly this way.

Another great addition by Sucker Punch is the user generated content – you can make your own missions and share them online, now complete with the ability to make some of your own cut scenes. Some of these are as simple as “kill those five vampires before the timer runs out” all the way up to well written banter between Zeke and Cole that seems right out of the writer’s room.

The only downside is the repetitive combat that will get a little tedious for players that need variety. Others might also complain about how dark the game is, but it fits in great with the atmosphere. Just keep an eye out for all those infamous glitches. All in all, it’s still a wonderful game for a Halloween download.

5 Responses to “inFamous: Festival of Blood”
  1. Ryan says:

    The header image is one of the most intimate images ever posted on here…….so far =)

  2. Nick says:

    Very nice Alicia, got any plans for a book you want to write about this week?

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