X-Men: Puberty


This game is not necessarily one that I had high on the list of games to dive into, seeing as I am just getting around to playing it and it released at the end of September, but I have always ALWAYS kept a place in my heart for the X-men. They shoehorned my pre-pimpled 9-year-old mass into the exciting world of comics and I have never missed an opportunity to play their video games since.

X-men: Destiny takes a different approach on things with this entry; with an option to play as 1 of 3 adolescent unknowns in the world of Marvel, who are now shaking hands with their mutant powers and traversing through a story that includes many cameos from some of your favorite and less favorite characters. The plot is standard fare, Magneto may or may not have a hand in trying to destroy a peace rally between mutants and humans and all hades has sprung loose in the form of  anti-mutant extremists The Purifiers (read: a bunch of white dudes who DO NOT like being attacked more than 5 times apiece). The story almost serves as an introduction to the world of X-men and because of that, it almost feels targeted to a specific demographic: the youngins. The topics are not abrasive (you know, beating up people who hate your kind) and the cartoon violence is pretty tame, so it would make sense if that was the main audience. Certainly not a deal breaker for this game.

It's a me, Caliban! Don't you know me?

What To Expect

This is a button masher and would serve as an excellent course for anyone looking to pick up a play a few levels of Rock ’em Sock ’em Mutant. Although you may find yourself forcing the camera to see things your way occasionally, this game is highly accessible to many. The Marvel characters (both good and not so good) that run across your path, offer tasks that you can either help them with or not. In doing so, you get cred with either the Good Guys (X-men) or the Not-So-Good Guys (The Brotherhood). I didn’t find much hesitation in choosing one over the other and basically just went with the one that sounded more interesting to play at the time. It may have also had to do with how much I liked the character, but I generally like choosing the path of Good in video games. I chose Mildly Evil in real life. By the way, If Emma Frost wasn’t already in your head, she will be for the majority of this game. Guiding you. Caressing your mind.

This game does have a few surprises up its sleeves, like the battle with a Sentinel, a character I sincerely wanted to see in the X-men movies but only received a nod to their existence. It lays these surprises on you at just the right moments too because, as is the case with most button mashers, it can become a bit repetitive so the mix up is welcomed. The overall tone of this game is very similar to X-men Legends on the PSP and the voice acting about the same. This is very much a comic book game but on training wheels. If I had kids (those spoiled, energy absorbing mouth-holes), I would not hesitate on putting this game in their grubby, little hands as a basic introduction to the world of X-men. The game is on rails but manages to provide some lighthearted fun in the process of watching your favorite X-men do what they do best: make action video games.

Recommend: X-men fans, Pre-Teens, People without facial hair in general.
Do Not Recommend: Most Hardcore Gamers, Kids who brag about Gears of War, Members of The Purifiers



2 Responses to “X-Men: Puberty”
  1. Nick says:

    Laughed so hard at the “do not recommend section”
    Side note: this may have gotten me in the mood to write.

  2. Cameron says:

    Poor Caliban…ALWAYS confused lol

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