Livestream: I kill the dragons

Update 3: scratch that, we’ll try to start back up around 11: 30. SEE YOU THEN GUYS.

Update 2: looks like we’ll be starting early, and by that I mean NAOW! So come hang out, and check out the game. 

Update 1: day one was a lot of fun. I hope you guys can join us on 11/12/11 around 9:00 eastern for some more dragon slaying!

What’s up guys. Obviously I’m still on my livestream kick and tis time I want to share my Skyrim adventures with you. So just click the link below to come hang out with other gamers like yourselves, make fun of me, and just have a good time. Check back for regular updates guys.

3 Responses to “Livestream: I kill the dragons”
  1. jeridmcintyre1979 says:

    Hey you know what? I freaking love this game!

    • Nick says:

      Me to man, I’ve been livestreaming this stuff fervently but with poor quality, hopefully by tomorrow night I will have a really good quality setup going.

  2. SkyrimSkyrim says:

    Hey, this is awesome blog and i am looked many your posts!

    I am your fan, hope you make more.


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