Holiday Gift Guide

Recently a coworker of mine had a rather vivid, gruesome dream about Black Friday. In it, the customers were armed with spears, axes, bows and arrows – all of them battling the sales team to the death. We were falling left and right, she said, taking heavy losses store wide. She was dragging the wounded back into our warehouse and into our break room, but they just kept piling up. Finally, she heard a cry of “HELP!”

One of our supervisors had taken a spear to the heart, and had promptly fallen. Then she awoke.

This is pretty much exactly how things went down.

This guide is for those of you like me who would rather sit at home and buy your gift list items without all the drama and pepper spray and stabbings. It’s also for those, like me, who wait until December to get things done (with some nerdy flair). Enjoy.


A dash of gaming cheer:

Chell’s Aperture Tank Top

Look at this. This is sexy. Not only would this be a great gift for any Portal fan, it would even look good hanging naked and human-less on your wall if you need a gift for yourself. Great for any collector of awesome things or even good for a nerdy workout tee. Which brings me to my next gift…

Portal Companion Cube

You need this in your life if you don’t already have one. There are even companion cube mirror dice on the site. And Speaking of plushies –

Final Fantasy XIV Stuffed Moogle

This one is definitely something I needed in my bedroom and is a continual source of both pride and cuteness despite originating from Final Fantasy XIV. And it’s soft.

Minecraft Sheet Magnets

With these you can make some awesome on your fridge and make all of your friends jealous. I hope my fridge can be this cool one day.

Fawkes and Codex Highland Sextasy Poster

The Guild is by far one of the most hilarious things on the Internet (along with The Legend of Neil), and strangely true to life. This poster is a brilliant combo of Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day and Harlequin romance rolled into one.

Hyrule Fencing Club T-Shirt

Just in time for Skyward Sword, this would be a great surprise along with the game. It’s dangerous to go without skill.

And you need a little bit of book nerd thrown in:

Game of Thrones World Map

This still brings out the geeky beauty of etsy – you can always find something great if you look hard enough. Winter is well on its way here and you’ll need a map to find your way – far, far from the wall.

One Ring to Rule Them All Shirt

Self-explanatory and delicious.

For the Whovians:

Don’t Blink Eye Chart

Recommended for daily use by a very different kind of Doctor.

TARDIS Blue T-shirt

If you didn’t have any desire to show off your fandom already, you can do it with this tee. There are shirts for both guys and gals.

Sonic REAL Screwdriver

Not to be confused with REAL Sonic Screwdriver. It looks better than the official replica, it’s useful, and it makes the sonic-y sound.

C is for Cookie, T is for TARDIS

Keep your noms hidden throughout space and time. Annnd it makes TARDIS-y sounds.

For the Ladies:

Double Rainbow Brite All the Way

Across the sky. Made, made to order.

Heart Earrings

Something like this is thoughtful for your love. Or you could be cheap and text it like you always do. <3<3

For the Otaku in your Life:

Sailor Moon Shirts!

Hot Topic actually has a great variety of male and female Sailor Senshi shirts right now. The great reason to rejoice is because it coincides with the reprint of the manga.

Angel Beats Yuri Figurine

Now you can cry like a baby and stare at her boobs at the same time. Mix and match your favorite figurines as well if you’re not the emotional roller coaster type of anime fan.

And lastly, Oh you Fancy:

For shoppers with serious holes in their pockets.

Lego Diamond Ring

Don’t buy this. I was just kidding. BECAUSE IT’S $250.00. Unless you like this kind of thing. Happy holidays and enjoy the financial hurt!

5 Responses to “Holiday Gift Guide”
  1. Ryan says:

    Awesome list! And I expect LEGO bling from everyone I know.

  2. Albert Marsh says:

    Rainbow Brite SWEET!

  3. Seth Latham says:

    Dat Sailor Moon Shirt.

  4. Cameron says:

    Yeah I’m making serious eyes at the Sailor Moon shirt and Hyrule T, good finds!

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