That’s not a tablet. THIS is a tablet.

News from CES 2012 broke today with the interesting little tidbit of tech foreplay that goes by the name of Project Fiona. Project Fiona is a 10-inch tablet, developed by a group called Razer, that is sure to woo the ladies and a few men along the way. Okay, mostly men…..err…boys. The prototype tablet is specifically aimed towards gamers by providing a rig that centers the tablet between two Playstation Move-like controllers. Thus creating the nun chuck sandwich you see below.

It’s just like grabbing someone by their ears and looking them in the face for an hour or so while they show…..high end graphics to… I guess that analogy doesn’t work.

The tablet runs off of Windows 8 and has an i7 processor to push this baby into full-fledged laptop alternative. The challenge will be getting more than 30 minutes of game time in before your tablet-on-steroids needs to be re-juiced again. A tradeoff that will most likely have gamers crying foul. After they have purchased the tablet, of course. With successful games already on tablets and smartphones and with dedicated handhelds, there doesn’t seem to be a huge calling for hardcore tablet gaming though. Or is there? Gaming laptops are certainly still around and not everyone enjoys fondling their capacitive touchscreens to interact with the gaming world. Sony certainly had to consider the latter when developing the Vita and now Razer looks to win the hearts of those portable lovelorn folk who just want a decent game experience like their consoles and PCs give them.

As a gamer, I cannot help but feel intrigued by the notion of a powerful tablet that DOES NOT require me to swipe my oily fingers all over the place and one that could substitute a laptop at that. However, it currently looks as if this rig is permanently affixed to the tablet itself and therefore, could be quite cumbersome chillin’ with this piece at your local Starbucks. It would make typing out a word doc much more gamer-ish though. You know, just like you love typing out long winded messages to your friends on Xbox Live or PSN. I think if the rig were detachable it would be more intriguing, but anything could change since this is currently in prototype status. Even having a tablet set up with OnLive along with a separate controller could achieve that next level of gaming greatness, but an all-in-one mega tablet could also be pretty sweet. The largest hurdle they face is attempting to bridge the gap between PC gamer and their precise and flexible controls of their mouse and keyboard and Console gamers who may not play many PC games. Time will tell if this can stitch both worlds together or simply become a bridge to nowhere.



2 Responses to “That’s not a tablet. THIS is a tablet.”
  1. Razer has a lot of money to be doing crazy things like this. The reason people game on PC is because you have better graphics than consoles and you have more control with mouse and keyboard. Sooo the question still is who does this cater to?!?!?!

    • Ryan says:

      Seems like they are trying to bridge some gap that doesn’t really want to be bridged. No question that this looks to be a powerful tablet, but wielded by who?

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