The End Is The Beginning

March 21, 2012. A day that will surely go down in the annals of video game history when a mob of agitated thumbstick fondlers rose to create such a noise as to make a game development company go back to the drawing board to change their ending on their recently released video game.  Bioware co-founder Dr. Ray “I-am-not-a-serial-killer” Muzyka had posted a response to all the “fan” rage that has festered into this ball of entitled tear-boogers over the ending of Mass Effect 3. This blog is not about my opinions on the Mass Effect 3 ending because I for one, have not beaten Mass Effect 3 so my input on the matter is nil.


while we are in the mood to right the wrongs of our video games’ past and tell the world that we deserve an awesome finale for are hard-earned hours on the couch; I say we do not stop with Bioware. I say we push the barricades over and rush the stage of this world of gaming and demand complete satisfaction for the computer-programmed euphoria we have clearly earned.

Bungie. I’m looking in your direction. Halo 2’s ending in particular could best be described as a commercial break that happened to last almost 3 years. What’s that you say? It was meant to continue on past Halo 2 and therefore forgivable? Nonsense. The story must and will carry on, but giving a good ending to each installment is not too much to ask (read: whine for), right?

Almost all Street Fighter and Tekken endings should probably be scrapped and replaced with something that resembles plot. You know, for all that fighting through the ranks and such. Mr. Mosquito, a favorite of mine from back in the PS2 days, should be dusted off and given a better conclusion than a bump ridden family staring down at you. Heck, even making the bathtub stage the last stage would have made more sense. Also, Mirrors Edge. I loved your innovation but your ending left me thinking I just finished all the time trials and was thrown a bone for the effort.

Honorable mention goes to Sniper: Ghost Warrior mainly because I have not played the game but from just seeing the ending that was probably knocked out over a weekend of coding and pizza deliveries, I think this needs another go at it for the sake of those 14 people who rented this game and lost their $@!# when they were served this:

There is clearly no lack of suggestions that could fit in this blog since it is entirely down to preferences and interests invested in said product. There are far more games out there that we can dig up from the grave and ask for better resolution before they re-release the HD version of the game and make us pony up once more. I’m going to be the first to say that whatever ending they have cooked up for Mass Effect the movie; nuh-uh. Whatever you got in mind right now Legendary Entertainment, you better double your creative juices and produce 3 endings MINIMUM to save time on post-production-reproduction. Your audience deserves that much, right?

A little Ending music to go with the rhythmic gnashing of gamer-nerd teeth. By the way, the pumpkins should really re-do this music video. I just don’t like it.

3 Responses to “The End Is The Beginning”
  1. Nick says:

    Yikes, this whole thing is ridiculous… “fans”

  2. The problem here is that Bioware is known for good storytelling, and the fans think the ending was a horrible part of storytelling. I will admit that they are taking it a bit too far with all the threats, but lets be honest all the endings are almost the same. That should not happen for a RPG of that caliber.

    • Ryan says:

      Yeah. Still haven’t beat it and have avoided most talk describing the endings, but I can see why they wanted to leave it open for continuation of story in other iterations. I suppose they left it way too open and nerd-rage filled in the gaping hole.

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