The Best ME3 Therapy You’ll See ’til the DLC

I think it’s time. I think it’s time I leave my Mass Effect 3 ending induced stupor and got back to my life and/or other videogames – but it was a difficult journey to get here. I slept all day. I gained five pounds in break-up-like ice cream binges filled with tears for the concluded moments I never got to see and the other ones that confused the hell out of me.

I think it’s time I shared my therapy with you.

I intend for this to be the best damn collection of Mass Effect related therapy (see also: jpeg train) until the DLC comes out later this Summer. I’m not here to bash the ending or say the things that have been said a million times already (indoctrination theory, just remake the endings altogether, Bioware how/why did you fuck up my love interest so royally), just here to share the post-relationship photos I wept over.

Because, despite everything, I still love the series and part of me will always be affected by the “first play through is the true play through” logic. It’s hard to hate a game entirely when I had a blast playing it as FemShep, or as I like to call her, Best Shep – when it’s littered with so many poignant moments. Maybe the last few didn’t make any sense, but I can’t discredit the others (altogether) because of that.

If it’s not sourced, let me know. Spoilers abound.

If all goes well, I might add more. If it doesn’t, hey, at least I didn’t spam you with Shrios pics like I wanted to. Filthy, filthy Shrios pics.

Anyway, emergency induction port time guys. Tequila Se’lai and good night.


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