Snore White and the Huntsman

This is a film convinced it’s as epic as Lord of the Rings with Brother’s Grimm (movie) flair. Movies, as in fairy tales, are about the journey, not the destination. The journey in Snow White is so mind-bogglingly boring that by the time you get to the end-game you just want to go home. This … Continue reading

Side-Scrolling On The Side

  Seeing the release of Sine Mora, a side-scrolling shooter on Xbox Live Arcade, came with the nostalgia of playing classic shooters of my past. Now, I am not one to get excited about these games mainly because I have played very few that have actually switched it up enough to keep my interests and … Continue reading

So I Might’ve Heard the Legend of Korra is Pretty Good

It would seem that the first episode of The Legend of Korra has been leaked a tad bit earlier than its April premiere. Rumors and links have been floating up and down all day -and I am in no way condoning piracy- but Korra appears to be just as intriguing as her predecessor. “I’m the … Continue reading

Holiday Cheer

Ah Christmas, the time to reunite with your family and let them completely ignore the fact that you’re adult for the remainder of your visit. Christmas is also the time for gift giving, overeating and the occasional drinking with parents (post college). But I’m pleased to say that my Christmas went a little differently this … Continue reading

Yep…still scary

Our minds race when we sleep, its only natural. But after watching a scary movie  like Paranormal Activity 3, your mind is way more likely to take the express train to nightmare hell. Sadly its taken spending the last three Octobers being scared $hitless by a movie that has the same producer, same general plot … Continue reading

World of Blackthorne

Phew, what a grueling past couple of weeks I’ve had.  I know you all must be thinking that I had fallen off the face of the planet but allow me to put that fear aside with my next article.  This time of year is by far the worst for a serious game player like myself.  … Continue reading

Doctor WHAT?!

The Doctor goes to Hollywood, and I’m terrified. It turns out David Yates, the director of the last few Harry Potter movies, let it slip to Variety that he’s working with BBC to turn that loveable, 900-year-old madman with a box into a Hollywood icon (more or less, mostly less… but my paranoia runs rampant). … Continue reading

Battletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team *Warning* May induce AWESOMENESS!

When you were growing up, didn’t you always wish you could build your own kick-ass team?  I know I did!  Maybe it was G.I. Joe and He-Man fighting on the side of righteousness against the villainous Shredder and his clan of Foot Soldiers; perhaps you preferred to take the evil route and pit Megatron against the likes … Continue reading

Batman Returns: Punching the Face of Licensed Games

I hate licensed games!  You know the ones I’m talking about? That game that just HAS to coincided with the theatrical release of some big budget popcorn-a-thon movie. The game that’s designed so little orphan Timmy can feel like he’s playing a character from the movie.  They are crap, they have been crap, and they … Continue reading

B.O.B: A Single Lady’s Favorite Game

Everyone knows him – the geeky kid with absolutely NO friends. (You’re probably thinking that I’m talking about myself. Guess again!) It was that kid that lived down the street or maybe a few blocks over. You remember him, the one you “befriended” only because his parents always bought him a ton of cool toys? … Continue reading