The Only Avengers Review You Need to Read

It was awesome. You should watch it. Advertisements

My Free Comics Day Experience

First off, I want to say that I grew up with comics but, within the last decade or so, we have gone our separate ways. Not that they had nothing to offer me, but sometimes you just venture off through other corridors of life and they may not include your first loves. With that being … Continue reading

Manga on the Brain

Though previously content to satiate my manga habit with only Bleach or Naruto, I’ve grown to  see that the wonderful world of manga has much more out there to enjoy in the way of action-themed books. So without further hesitation, I’ve decided to include a couple of finds that can possibly help you start off … Continue reading

Holiday Gift Guide

Recently a coworker of mine had a rather vivid, gruesome dream about Black Friday. In it, the customers were armed with spears, axes, bows and arrows – all of them battling the sales team to the death. We were falling left and right, she said, taking heavy losses store wide. She was dragging the wounded … Continue reading

X-Men: Puberty

  This game is not necessarily one that I had high on the list of games to dive into, seeing as I am just getting around to playing it and it released at the end of September, but I have always ALWAYS kept a place in my heart for the X-men. They shoehorned my pre-pimpled … Continue reading

Sheer Brilliance

When I was 5 years old I climbed atop my racecar bed, wrapped my bedroom curtains tight around my neck and took a magnificent leap into the air. Now before you start thinking that I was depressed or suicidal, don’t. I had finally figured out that the only thing keeping me from flying properly was … Continue reading

I’m Batman! Again!

Any nerd worth his/her weight in gadgets, games, and screen fatigue will tell you that it takes some doin’ to produce a video game or movie, based on a longstanding comic icon and totally nail it. Just ask the pile of unopened superhero games on store shelves right now that are destined to be packed … Continue reading


button mashers

The second Buttonmashers strip is finally done! I don’t know if I can keep up running in full color or not.  Future strips may be in black and white just so I can expedite strips and get them out in a weekly fashion.  When I am playing a game, even the most well thought out … Continue reading

Nick Picks Week 2

Whats up guys? I’ve been to the farthest reaches of the multi-verse and back in order to bring you, in my humble opinion, the sweetest of all loot: good comic books. Well, I’m at least going to tell you what to spend all those precious “monies” with. So let’s get right into it with these … Continue reading

Avenger Vengeance

  So, by now you have already seen the much talked about trailer to the upcoming Avengers movie and there is one thing that I wanted to point out about it that has me completely fed up: I liked the trailer. I liked the trailer and I cannot stand myself for liking it. If you … Continue reading