Snore White and the Huntsman

This is a film convinced it’s as epic as Lord of the Rings with Brother’s Grimm (movie) flair. Movies, as in fairy tales, are about the journey, not the destination. The journey in Snow White is so mind-bogglingly boring that by the time you get to the end-game you just want to go home. This … Continue reading

The Only Avengers Review You Need to Read

It was awesome. You should watch it.


In an interesting move, Microsoft is reportedly set to unleash a subsidized Xbox 360 bundle that will gladly part with retail shelves at $99. The bundle, as reported by, will include a 4GB Xbox 360, Kinect, and a mandatory 2 year contract not unlike that snazzy computer-in-your-pocket referred to as a phone. The idea … Continue reading

The Great Conjunction

  The web has been aflutter with talk about next-gen consoles and what exactly their presence will afford us. A large portion of the gossip pie is focused on the idea that both heavy hitters, Sony and Microsoft, appear to be looking to nip this whole used game nuisance in the bud by only allowing … Continue reading

The End Is The Beginning

March 21, 2012. A day that will surely go down in the annals of video game history when a mob of agitated thumbstick fondlers rose to create such a noise as to make a game development company go back to the drawing board to change their ending on their recently released video game.  Bioware co-founder … Continue reading

My First Day With The Vita

It’s been a little over two weeks since that fateful day I went to my local Gamestop and bought a PlayStation Vita, and even as I write this article I can’t help but be sidetracked from all that it has to offer. This is my first day with the Vita. After opening up the Vita, … Continue reading

Mass Effect: Culmination

In honor of what stands to be one of the best video game trilogies of my time, I decided to create a video montage of the events that have led us up to the March 6th release of Mass Effect 3. Beware, there are a few spoilers from ME1 and ME2 contained in the video, … Continue reading

They liked Batman before it was cool.

When Gotham City Imposters was announced back at E3, I was more than a little disgruntled. At first glance the game not only looked like just another first person shooter, but one that went and spit all over the Batman license. We all know that Batman is a character that absolutely detests guns; he wants … Continue reading

Stuff – Episode 1 (Chobot Edition)

Welcome to the very first episode of Stuff. The show that has stuffed…things talking about the pressing issues for nerds of all walks of life. Feel free to comment in the section below and let us know what you think. Obviously, this is the first go at it so the “production value” isn’t very high … Continue reading

Mama Said Knock You Out

HAYWIRE Steven Soderbergh’s latest film about a black ops, ex-marine (Mallory) who is betrayed and is forced to spend the rest of the movie unraveling the secret plot to end her life was certainly not at the top of my list of must see movies. In fact, I usually spend this time each year trying … Continue reading